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Counting the Hours Down to Primary Day

Tuesday will be the Republican Primary Day for a number of races within the Republican Party. The one, in particular, I am interested in is Chris Cannon vs. Jason Chaffetz. An interesting phenomena has occurred as I have continued to express heartfelt sentiments and views about Chris Cannon, what I understand about Jason Chaffetz and his stances, and the political temperature of our congressional district, our state and our nation.

I am, I think no one can question, a fierce defender of America and the freedoms guaranteed to us by God and the Constitution of the United States of America. I fear greatly for the direction our nation is headed in and despair of a generation eager to cast away all that has made this nation great for 232 years. As I watch our constitutional rights eroding; as I see the continual and constant attacks on the Constitution; as I watch the family unit disintegrating before our very eyes; as I see homes and families destroyed by infidelity, pornography, alcohol, drugs, gambling, even gaming . . . I wonder how our nation can survive such an insidious and destructive disease as apathy.

Abraham Lincoln said, "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Those who have never had to fight for their freedom are the quickest to give it up. Those who do not know the history of their own nation and their ancestors are the quickest to dismiss their great sacrifices. And those who have never known fear are the quickest to give up their freedom at the first strike of terror.

Benjamin Franklin said, "They that give up essential liberty deserve neither liberty or safety."

I believe with my whole heart that as Americans it is our responsibility to know and understand the Constitution of the United States. I believe it is our responsibility to fight dearly to defend her borders and protect her people from an ever encroaching federal government. And I believe, with every breath inside my body, it is our responsibility to vote for righteous men and women who will hold their dear their oath of office, to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America.

When I say I support Chris Cannon in the 3rd Congressional Race I do not give that support lightly. I am not anyone's definition of an uninformed voter. I have written on this blog numerous posts about Chris' integrity, his record and my personal experiences with him. You can read those here:

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Going back over older blogs I ran across the thought, or rather, apparently the fact, that there is a faction in this nation casting their votes based on looks, charm and likability. Tell me that is not going on here in Utah. Tell me we're smarter than that. Tell me, I beg of you, that we have examined the candidates, their records, who and what they are and what they stand for and THEN made a decision.

Jason Chaffetz has stated, on the record, that he'd like to see federal programs on the chopping block. Programs, according to Salt Lake Tribune Blogger Robert Gerkhe, such as:
  • Forest Service watershed restoration
  • National Forest improvement and maintenance
  • Air Force Base operations and support
  • Defense Department weapons test and evaluation programs
  • Even Start (which integrates childhood education and adult literacy programs)
  • Federal Perkins Loans (need-based college loan programs)
  • Rural education program
  • Energy Department's national nuclear infrastructure
  • Natural gas and oil technology (which draws on the national laboratories to try to develop technologies for things like oil shale)
  • Bioterrorism: Biosurveillance programs
  • Child abuse prevention and treatment grants
  • Office of women's health
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Automation Modernization Program
  • Bureau of Reclamation -- Rural Water Supply Projects
  • Department of the Interior -- Wildland Fire Management
  • State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (which reimburses states for a fraction of the cost of detaining illegal immigrants)
  • Essential Air Service (which supports airports in remote areas like Vernal, Moab and Cedar City)
  • Internal Revenue Service Tax Collection
  • Montgomery GI Bill -- Veterans Education Benefits
  • Veterans Disability Compensation
  • Veterans Home Loans
  • AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps
  • Universal Service Fund for Rural Health Care Providers (assists rural communities with tele-health programs)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission -- Enforcement
  • Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Those are the programs Chaffetz wants to get rid of? Really? Because I would have chosen other departments such as the EPA and a few other choice government organizations who have put this nation in the condition we're in today. But no, not Chaffetz, he wants to nix Natural Gas/Oil Technology and the Montgomery GI Bill.

Alright, I'll give him this, I'd like to get rid of the IRS too and get some honest people in there with a program fair to the American people rather than the corrupt, cutthroat, operating by hidden, behind closed doors organization that exists right now. But all of this information about Chaffetz was collected as I studied a particular story sent to me about him.

What is all this leading up to? I'll tell you. I have been given information about Jason Chaffetz that startled me. The Salt Lake Tribune also has this information, the reporter has thoroughly researched and proven it to be true, but the source who delivered the information to me is unwilling to be named. I don't know why the Trib is sitting on this article, but this is information I would want to know before going to the polls on Tuesday and casting my vote.

Chaffetz was released or fired from a job because of unseemly behavior and mismanagement of funds. I cannot, nor will I tell you, how I confirmed this fact, just be assured that I have confirmed it. I wondered how he faced his wife when this knowledge was revealed and it cost him his job. I've received numerous emails from people detailing the events and I have vacillated over whether to release it or not. The questions in my mind were:

1) Is this information prevalent to the race?
2) Does the responsibility lay on my shoulders to release this information and inform the voting public?
3) Will this information matter at all to the voting public?


1) Yes, it is. It goes to the definition of Chaffetz' character.
2) After having this weigh on my mind heavily for several days it came down to the fact: Could I live with Chaffetz winning this election and be the one the fate of the 3rd Congressional District rests with? The answer was no, I couldn't live with it.
3) I have to believe that since we don't have a record to judge Chaffetz on we are left with his shallow stance and half-formed plans on the issues . . . and his character. His stance and plans are sorely lacking, barely touching the surfaces of the problems -- looking only as far as the end of the nose on his face -- and that leaves us with his character.

So I began the research. I was given a list of individuals to speak to about this. I learned that large numbers of delegates already knew these facts were true but didn't feel the need to share. I learned that the source was impeccable but did not want adverse publicity for the company. I learned that there was indeed a blogger working on this for the Trib, and yes, I know which one.

The biggest problems I had with all the informants was simply these: I don't want my name to become public. I don't want to be the one to tell the truth. I don't want to be the one identified with this story. I don't want to be the one standing for truth and the 3rd Congressional District in this. I'm annoyed by that. Truth should stand at all times and personal fears should never come into play. It's hard. It can be very scary. But if we cannot stand for truth and righteousness at all times then of what value are we to our fellow Americans and to our God?

I waited for the Salt Lake Tribune to publish the story. For two weeks I've waited, but nothing. Nothing has been printed. Now we go to the polls in less than 24 hours and still, the story has not been published. My husband has suggested that I not go into the details of Chaffetz's behavior at this particular company, who also does not want to be named, and I have honored this request. But--

If all we have to judge Chaffetz on his character then this is important. I personally would rather not have a congressman who has weaknesses leaning in that direction. Sheesh! Washington D.C. is a hardball town rife with corruption, bribes and extortion. Show weakness and you're toast! And guess who pays the price? We do. Those of us in the 3rd Congressional District. No one can say Chris Cannon isn't tough. No one can say Chris Cannon hasn't fought for the rights of his constituents. Chris is an honest and good husband and father.

Portions of the 3rd Congressional District have been infected with what I like to call the Obama Virus. Chaffetz seems to be able to flash a smile and people don't look any deeper. So using Chaffetz's analogy of football, let me put a different slant on it. The players who do all the work on the field is the offense. The quarterback drives that ball toward the goal and when all those men have worked to get that ball into kicking distance, then the kicker walks onto the field and kicks the ball. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn't.

Let's pull that into politics. Chris Cannon has worked his heart out over the last eleven years to write and pass legislation which he believes is in the best interest of his constituents and America. In addition he's received the highest conservative ratings and favorable reports from all aspects of concern for conservatives. So now that Chris has done all the hard work and has many things finally falling into place Chaffetz wants to waltz in and take the credit for Chris' hard work.

And so I ask each of you reading this blog to stop, think and contemplate a future with a congressman with such measurable weaknesses.

In completing that very process it leads me to one inescapable conclusion: My support of Chris Cannon stands. He is the man to be our Congressman. And on Tuesday, June 24th of 2008, I will cast my ballot for Chris Cannon.
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