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Become a Partner With Congressman Chris Cannon

Congressman Chris Cannon, who is my congressman (3rd Congressional District,) has launched a new program called "Be a Partner," thereby inviting all to join a community of activists who want to be influential in politics. It is very cool and I'm going to tell you about it in a minute.

So yes, I support Chris Cannon and I have for every election he's been a candidate in. Here's why:

A staunch defender of individual liberty and economic freedom, Chris consistently ranks as one of the most fiscally conservative members of the House of Representatives as well as maintaining a flawless pro-life and 2nd Amendment record. If I have not been happy with something he's done, I've called or written and received a complete answer as to why he did it and what he was trying to accomplish.

Let me give you an example of how quickly he has responded to me. When Bill Clinton was president of the United States of America, he betrayed the Americans more than he protected them. One of the Executive Orders he issued signed over all American waters (rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and oceans) to the United Nations.

As soon as I heard about this I contacted Chris Cannon to let him know that Idaho Congresswoman Helen Chenowith was securing Idaho's water and I wanted Chris to do the same for Utah. He did, immediately. At that point in American history, only Utah and Idaho retained the rights to their waters. I contacted him, he responded. Problem solved. I believe, but am not sure, that is one of the first executive orders President Bush rescinded when he took office. I'll have to double-check on that.

One more quick example. My brother-in-law was killed by a drunk driver a year-and-a-half ago. He was coming home from work, two blocks from home, when a young man with over .3 blood alcohol level, racing at over a 130 mph, crashed into the back of my brother-in-law's car and killed him.

I received a frantic phone call from my sister at two in the morning with the news that Dean was dead. My sister and her husband had only been together for three years. Our entire family was devastated. The entire scenario was incredibly heartbreaking and became moreso.

The police told us the young man had run, leaving his uncle and my brother-in-law to die. They said he was an illegal immigrant and they believed he was already back in Mexico in order to evade prosecution. I called Chris.

I'll admit I was in tears. But I told Chris what had happened and asked if he could help in any way. He assured me he could. He was scheduled to meet with Vincente Fox, then the president of Mexico, the following week. He asked me to get specific information from the police department and told me he would bring the full weight of the American government down on this young man and would have him brought back from Mexico to face charges. Chris was sympathetic and gave me what I needed, someone to do something in a situation where I was helpless to do anything.

Turns out Eddie, the young man, was not an illegal alien, but an anchor baby. His parents, now divorced, were living in Las Vegas. Dean's killer was an pseudo-American who went underground with illegal immigrant relatives and hid. He was off the grid. So there was nothing Chris could do at that point. Eddie was in America, not Mexico. It was all up to the Las Vegas police, who, by the way, did not impress me in the slightest. Fortunately Eddie decided to use his cell phone, was found and arrested.

But the point is, Chris was going to do everything he could. I like that in my congressman. I like that he responds by phone, mail or email. I like that he represents my interests well in Washington, D.C. I like that he's conservative. I like that he's driven by morals and ethics. He's been a good congressman and I support him.

You can learn more about his record, his stance and progress on the issues important to him and the latest news all by going to his website.

Becoming a Partner with Chris Cannon

"In politics you often find campaigns are often driven by advertising and high level media campaigns. I've never been comfortable with those types of campaigns. I'd much rather my campaign be grassroots driven, a campaign where an honest dialog takes place, a campaign where you can voice your concerns, offer your suggestions and be heard. I hope my campaign is one where you feel comfortable approaching me with your ideas, where we can develop a real relationship – even a partnership. I invite you to become a partner with me in promoting our shared values and ideas, and electing other like minded officials."

What does being a Partner mean to me?

"One thing I've learned during my years in Congress is that you, the people I represent, are a tremendous and often untapped source of ideas, opinions and knowledge about the issues we face. Many communicate these ideas to me; many more do not, and there are not enough opportunities to bounce ideas among those who share concerns about the same issues. This site is designed to make better communication possible with you, my supporters, my friends and my "Partners" in the important work we do. One of the great opportunities this site provides is to discuss issues as they are being debated – not just after they appear in the newspaper. From my perspective, that kind of dialog is essential."

What are the benefits becoming a Partner?

"As a Partner you will be an important part of the political process. We are planning periodic "Town Call" meetings, a simple conference call, where we can gather on the phone and share ideas. You will be invited to meet with political leaders from across the nation periodically, either in person, on-line or on the phone. Join Partner advisory groups on issues important to you. Other events include Partner barbeques and other social gatherings."

What's expected of me?

"There isn't a long list of expectations. I want more people to become involved in politics; this is a way to do it. You will be asked to go to your neighborhood caucus meeting and either run to be elected as a delegate or support someone else who shares our values. You will also be given the opportunity to make small contributions to the campaigns of candidates around the country who share our values. The amount isn't important, but the demonstration of support that even $5 from you and other Partners represents means a lot to candidates. It's also important that you visit the Partner website often, participate in my blog, and use the tools we have created by which to share your thoughts and ideas. Recruit other Partners by sending an email to your contact list, recording a short video or voice message that is sent to your neighbors, or hold a small meeting with your close friends and/or business associates."
Who does this help?

"The Partner program is not just about Chris Cannon. This election is one of the most important of a generation. The stakes are high and others around the country will and do need our help. My vision is that you, together with other Partners, can help candidates across the nation. Periodically, I will send you an email with information about other candidates who need support. Please look at those candidates' positions on the issues and credentials. If you agree that a candidate is deserving of our support, please make a small donation to his or her campaign."

What makes this program different than others?

"When you sign up to become a Partner, you are also signing up to become a part of a larger community. It's a community made up of like-minded citizens who care about government and want to have their voices heard."

How do I become a Partner?
To become a Partner, please fill out the information found here. Please be sure to select "Become a Partner".

How do I help recruit other Partners?

The easiest way is to tell them about it or send them an email directing them to sign up on the website.

How much do I need to contribute?

Keep in mind that this isn't about the money as much as it's about becoming more involved. Even a $1 contribution is great.
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