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Chris Cannons Responds to Email I Sent to Cannon, Hatch & Bennett

I, along with several hundred thousands of people contacted our Senators and Congressman about the ever rising gas prices and my intense desire that American free herself from dependence on foreign oil. I emailed the same letter to all three: Congressman Chris Cannon, Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator Bob Bennett.

I always get a response from Chris. I occasionally get a response from Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, never, ever responds. Chris sent the following response to me yesterday afternoon:

June 23, 2008

Candace Salima
Address Removed by Me!

Dear Candace:

Thank you for contacting me. As your Congressman, I take my responsibility seriously. I am committed to working on the issues that are important to you.

The reality of our energy situation is that gas prices have dramatically increased, and we can no longer afford to be dependent on foreign oil supplies. With oil prices reaching $139 dollars per barrel in the last few weeks before a small price retreat, it is indisputable that something must be done. Last week, I led a discussion on the House floor concerning energy independence and the availability of energy within the United States.

A viable option towards energy independence is oil made from shale. Shale oil contains 3 to 5 times the amount of oil as Saudi Arabia and if allowed to be developed we can bring gas prices down as we increase our supply. It is estimated that we have 2.6 trillion barrels of accessible oil within the nation and 800 billion barrels of oil within Utah alone, and the technology used allows us to more efficiently produce oil shale with minimal environmental impact.

I recently introduced legislation, H.R. 6211, that provides the President the authority to cut through the bureaucratic process and immediately allow for the permitting of oil from shale on federal lands. We must secure our energy future and free ourselves from our foreign oil dependency by developing an American resource with American jobs.

We need a energy policy that promotes production, innovation and conservation. I am privileged to be your Congressman on the forefront of this issue at this critical juncture facing our nation. I invite you to visit my website at for more information on this and other issues facing Congress.


Chris Cannon
Member of Congress
Washington, DC office at: (202) 225-7751.

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Therein endeth the letter I received from Chris. He addressed my concerns. Explained what he's doing and let me know how to contact him if I had further questions.

Now, I'm aware that I can call his office and go deeper into this. I'm not going to because Chris and I have had many conversations over the years about this very topic.

I heard Jason Chaffetz say the other day that Chris had hurried up and introduced this legislation because the primary was coming up. This shows the sheer ignorance of Jason Chaffetz on the bill writing process.

Does Chaffetz really believe a bill can be written so quickly?

Does Chaffetz really believe that his shifty attitudes can sway me from the knowledge that Chris has fought long and hard on this topic?

Today is the day Republicans in the 3rd Congressional District of Utah cast their vote for the candidate they want to represent them in November. It's an exciting process and one that I absolutely adore participating in. My father instilled in me the knowledge of how precious and rare this gift of voting is . . . not sham voting, but voting where I am able to go cast my vote for whomever I please.

Jason Chaffetz has deceived a lot of people about his intentions, his integrity or lack thereof, his slight, if any, understanding of the issues and the Constitution of the United States, and the real reason he's running against Chris Cannon.

Chaffetz is another Democrat turned Republican. For some that is a sincere change and U applaud that decision. For others, like I believe Chaffetz to be, its a change of convenience.

Chaffetz decided he couldn't, or wouldn't, go up against his own congressman, Democrat Jim Matheson, and chose to go up against the Republican incumbent, Chris Cannon, in a neighboring district, ours. Yours and mine, the 3rd Congressional District. If Chaffetz is so concerned with conservative values, why didn't go up against the liberal in his own district. Why go after the conservative in the neighborning district?

I have come to believe Chaffetz is a liberal in sheep's clothing. There's no other reason the stories, which are coming to me and fast and furious now, would be told to me by people greatly fearing the possibility that he could be elected, even those amongst his neighbors. Even his former employers and partners are stepping forward.

I am stunned by the lies which have fallen from his lips. I'm stunned at the attacks on Chris Cannon's character. I am stunned by the sheer audacity of this man that he believes he could deceive the voters of Utah's 3rd Congressional District.

Today I cast my vote and it is for Chris Cannon who has never let me down. Chris Cannon who has never lied to me, even when it would have behooved him to do so. Chris Cannon who has stood for me as his constituent. Chris Cannon who immerses himself in the writings and teachings of the Founding Fathers of this nation. Chris Cannon who is determined to free America from the chains of foreign energy dependence. Chris Cannon who is determined to seal our borders and stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation. Chris Cannon who is determined to protect America from her enemies. Chris Cannon who is my congressman.
Chris Cannons Responds to Email I Sent to Cannon, Hatch & Bennett Chris Cannons Responds to Email I Sent to Cannon, Hatch & Bennett Reviewed by Candace Salima on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Rating: 5