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Review: Room for Two by Abel Keogh

I first learned about Room for Two by Abel Keogh at the CFI Writers Conference at the beginning of June. Abel spoke on internet marketing, which I have a special fondness for, so I paid attention. When he told his story I was inexplicably touched by his positive attitude after such a monstrous tragedy in his life.

When a break came around I went and picked up his book and read the back. It was something I was interested in reading so I opened the first page to see if I liked his writing style.

I bought the book right away. Clearly, I liked his style of writing.

From his book we read:

Sweetie, I'm home." I tried to put as much kindness into my voice as possible. I didn't want to have another argument - at least not right away.



A gunshot echoed from our bedroom, followed by the sound of a bullet casing skipping along a wall.

Everything slowed down.

And so begins the story of a man whose pregnant wife shoots herself upon his return home from work. It is a tragic and yet uplifting book.

I grabbed the following from Abel's website:
When a life is destroyed, when guilt says you played a role in its destruction, how do you face the days ahead?

Twenty-six-year-old Abel Keogh chooses to ignore the promptings he receives concerning his wife's mental illness, and now he feels he is to blame for her choices. If only he had listened . . .

At some point in our lives, each of us face devastating afflictions and must eventually cope with loss. Regardless of how it happens, the outcome is still the same - we are left isolated, alone, wondering what we could have done differently, and where we can turn for peace.

This is Abel's story in his own words. His search for peace and the miracle that follows is proof that love and hope can endure, despite the struggles and tragedies that shape each of our lives.
Radio talk show host, Abel Keogh takes us through the mental, emotional and spiritual anguish of being the one left behind, struggling to live, date and love again. He has great skill for the written word and drawing the reader into the anguish that was his life eight years ago.

I couldn't put it down. And in the end, it was a very uplifting story, although I had to have a box of Kleenexes by my side. This is, without question, a must buy. You may purchase the book by clicking Room for Two.
Review: Room for Two by Abel Keogh Review: Room for Two by Abel Keogh Reviewed by Candace Salima on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Rating: 5