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Jason Chaffetz Will Betray Us

Chris Cannon lost to Jason Chaffetz in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 24, 2008. I had to take a day or so to come to terms with that loss. Oh, many of you might think that I'm just a sore loser but that night a deep fear took hold of me and I cannot shake it.

I see one of two scenarios going down:

First Scenario: The story the Salt Lake Tribune has been sitting on, the one that reveals Jason Chaffetz --rest of sentence removed due to numerous threats to my reputation -- will be released sometime between now and the general election. The reason for the delay, many believe, will be to guarantee a Democrat wins in November. I say it doesn't particularly matter. Chaffetz lied from the beginning of his candidacy and continued to do so right up until his win. Here's the question: Will he continue to lie? And will the constituents of the 3rd Congressional District even care? Apparently they had no problem listening to lie after life fall from Chaffetz lips . . . -- also removed.

I think Chaffetz holds on to many of the Democrat values he says he has eschewed. So we will have a Democrat/Republican representing us in Washington, D.C. -- that's assuming he manages to win after this story is released. Either way, the most Republican county in the Utah chose a liberal in conservative clothing to represent them and now we have to pay the price with them.

New to this Post: Jason Chaffetz people keep contacting me and telling me this is a lie, specifically the course of action which occurred while he worked at a large Utah County company. They've threatened to spread word across the internet that I am a liar and rumor monger . . . I simply state this: I confirmed this action through reputable sources. Chaffetz's people are threatening to destroy my reputation if I do not remove the one sentence. Consider that portion of the sentence removed.

Second Scenario: Chaffetz wins in November and goes to Washington, D.C. with two of the greatest weaknesses that bring politicians down. Within months, faced with the corruption and temptation of Washington, D.C. he will succumb and immediately be rendered ineffective. The 3rd Congressional District of Utah will no longer have any representation and all that Chris Cannon has worked for will fall by the way side.

Who will continue to push Homeland Security to complete the border fence?
Who will continue to push through legislation to insure we end dependence on foreign oil?
Who will continue to protect us from the internet pornographers?
Who will stop the internet tax from moving forward?
Who will watch out for the needs and future of America and Utah?

You see, I don't think Chaffetz can do it. Oh, he talks a pretty game but drill down past the slick words and smile and look to what is beneath. Nothing, my friends, nothing. But this is who was chosen and now we all will pay the price.

So come November, if you're looking for me at the polls, I'll be the one hyperventilating as I vote.

I have never truly feared for America or Utah before, but now, now I fear greatly. It is a physical presence in me. And my friends, I cannot tell you how much I want to be wrong.

I challenge Jason Chaffetz to prove me wrong. Please.
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