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Biography of Candace E. Salima

Following, is an email from Linda Scanlan, who is a lifelong friend of mine. She is writing my biography, with my approval. I will be actively involved in the project, although Linda will have the sole task of deciding what will be included and what won’t. It is divided into two books, and has my complete support. Please respond to Linda’s question with complete honesty. Believe me, I am far from a perfect person and have a long way to go.

Please send your responses to Linda Scanlan at

Thank you,

Candace E. Salima


Family, Friends and Associates of Candace Salima,

My name is Linda Scanlan. I have been a friend of Candace for many years. I am also a writer and, as such, feel that her biography, thus far, needs to be written. This is where all of you come into the picture. I am looking for stories from each and every one of you concerning your association with Candace. These stories need to be able to go into any of the categories listed below. I would like stories even if you have never met her personally. I am looking for stories about how she has impacted your lives or the lives of others.

The categories are as follows:

The Family Member

The Student – K – College

The Mormon

The Patriot

The Leader/Public Speaker

The Writer

The Worker – Employee, Employer, Co-worker

The Volunteer/Organizer – Literacy, Writer’s Workshop, Political Campaigns

The Loyalist – Nursemaid

The Defender

The Debater

The Friend

The Human – humorous “human” accounts = Oops!

Please send your stories to All submissions become the property of The Candace Salima Project and are subject to editing , as needed.


Linda Scanlan

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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