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Day 5: The Final Hour...Well, Not Really

Today's show was intriguing. Darcy Van Orden co-hosted with me on Buy Back America. We discussed human resources, i.e., how to get a job, how to keep a job, how to be a good employee. In the second segment we talked about the Cap, Cut & Balance Act. The analogy I came up with was simply this: Only $111 billion cuts for 2012 is like spitting in the Mississippi River and expecting the flow of water to reverse direction! But nobody's listening to me on that one. 

Anyway, Mike Swenson of Utah Shared Access Alliance joined us for the final hour and we talked land issues and how it ties into every aspect of this fight for America.

If you missed the show, you may listen here.

But on to tomorrow!

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Host: Tim Aalders, but Candace Salima this week!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Host: Candace Salima
Co-Host: Rep. Carl Wimmer

Yup, you saw right. Representative Carl Wimmer is joining me in studio to be my co-host tomorrow. Rep. Wimmer just announced his intention to run for Utah's 4th Congressional seat and once the redistricting is completed he will begin running in earnest. In the meantime, he's taking time out of his busy schedule to join me in studio and help me out on Buy Back America while Tim is out on Trek still sweatin' it out in the Wyoming desert.

And by the way, Carl. I am seriously bummed you saved that mustache off! It looked great! But I digress.

About Carl Wimmer:
I'm convinced our generation will be judged not by what we say about our federal budget crisis, but by what we do to fix it. This is why I'm running for Congress. ~ Carl Wimmer
Carl was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2006 and has very much enjoyed his service in state government. He is a conservative in Utah's state legislature.

Carl co-founded The Patrick Henry Caucus in mid-2009 and has been featured on The Glenn Beck TV show twice, The Mike Church radio show and dozens of other radio shows around the country. He is the founder of the national Patrick Henry Caucus. The formation of The Patrick Henry Caucus was first announced by Carl himself, on the Glenn Beck T.V. Program. As a matter of fact, Carl has been on the Glenn Beck program multiple times, and has been a guest with Judge Andrew Napolitano as well.

Carl has also been on various radio programs throughout the country including Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow and Allen Colmes talking about issues such as state rights, gun rights and abortion.

He is the Chairman of the Utah Family Action Council, which is a coalition of every major conservative and family based organization in Utah.

Carl is a true political conservative who believes in less government, constitutional principles, and more freedom. To him these are a way of life, not a talking points simply to earn votes. His favorite quote is also my favorite quotes, by Patrick Henry himself:
Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me ... Give me liberty or give me death! ~Patrick Henry
Prior to becoming a state representative, Carl worked as a police officer from 1996-2007. He co-founded the South Jordan SWAT team, and served as a team leader for many years. Carl still considers his police and SWAT service one of the highlights of his life.

And on a completely different note, Carl has a passion for weightlifting, and holds several Utah state records in the sport of Powerlfiting. He has won multiple world championships in the benchpress with a personal best of 554 lb.

So yes, my co-host tomorrow is quite the amazing man and it should make for great radio as we discuss the issues facing Utah and America on the air.

Also joining us in studio is Scott Barzee, owner of The Food Storage Chef, some of the yummiest food storage items out there, bar none! And yes, I have tried them personally and am going to purchase them for my own food storage. And actually, shhhh, but they are fabulous for when you simply don't have the energy to cook either. Full nutrition, delicious, and quick. But really, they're supposed to be for food storage.

Scott has taken The Food Storage Chef from a home business to a much bigger business simply due to his brilliant business skills, AND the AMAZING taste of his freeze-dried food. We're going to discuss the difficulties of small business in today's economy and what he's done to combat those.

In addition, Scott happens to be Carl Wimmer's campaign manager for Carl's congressional run, and he is running Carl's campaign for free. So we are also going to talk about how to become involved in making a difference when life is so crazy busy!

About Scott and Food Storage Chef:
“A few years ago my wife and I were looking to taking our first steps in to building our food storage and just didn’t know where to begin. With knowing little to nothing about bottling or canning goods of our own, we decided to try the Food Rotating System and build from there. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars only to see it be wasted and thrown out by expiration dates. After giving this much thought and so much frustration, we then decided to organize a team of experts to put our heads together and create a simpler solution and change the idea of food storage completely. It’s a great feeling to know that I am doing my part to ensure my family’s safety as well as enabling a way for people everywhere to do the same and get prepared.” -N. Scott Barzee
The Food Storage Chef is a family-owned and operated company with headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Food Storage Chef was founded based on an idea of the need for an affordable and easy way to provide emergency essentials for your family in the event of a disaster and economic uncertainty. We take pride in knowing that we offer the highest quality gourmet food storage products backed by a 30-year shelf storage guarantee you can now feel at ease in knowing your investment has your family protected in these uncertain times.

As you may know there are other food storage companies, but what separates us from the rest? It’s our gourmet signature meals created by a panel of chefs bringing you the finest tasting variety of meal options you can find out there. Our freeze dried selection of meal options are designed to specifically make it easy, by simply just adding water. You now can prepare delicious family favorites in any situation, anywhere, any time.

I'm going to do what I can to get Scott to give the Buy Back America listeners a discount on their food storage items. So tune in to see what I am able to wrangle! Utah's KTALK AM 630 or streamed live on beginning at 10:00 a.m. (MDT.)

* * *

And as a side note, I mentioned on Facebook that Founding Father accounts were adding me one by one and I wondered if they were trolls, or Paul Rolly of the Salt Lake Tribune out to attack me again! One of my Facebook friends responded with the following which gave me warm fuzzies! Thanks, Sam.
"I wouldn't worry too much Candace. There are those of us out there, that know you to be a principled woman, with strong morals, brains, belief in our forefathers, and a determination to see this country go back to the way it was founded. And we're behind you."
Yeah, I have a smile on my face!

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