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Day 4: Cut, Cap & Balance and Land!

Each day just gets better and better! On today's Buy Back America (Twitter #hashtag #BuyBackAmerica) Curtis Greco joined me with Karen Herd and Rep. Brad Daw, to discuss Cut, Cap & Balance Act, the 14th Amendment, putting a face on military families, the Declaration of Restoration, standing up and making a difference.

If you missed the show, you can listen to 20 July 2011 Buy America Radio now.

Tim checked in from the Wyoming desert. He's having fun, but has a slight burn on his arms from a gust of wind that blew the fire back toward him. In case you missed it, he is the head cook (for over 400 people) for the re-enactment of his stake's Martin Cove experience of the Willie & Martin Handcart companies. He will be gone until the weekend, and will join me back in studio on Tuesday.

But for tomorrow's show!

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Host: Tim Aalders, but Candace Salima this week!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Host: Candace Salima
Co-Host: Darcy van Orden

Darcy van Orden, a mover and shaker in politics, will be joining me as my guest-host tomorrow. Darcy is all about the Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Darcy Van Orden is a Human Resources Consultant and a Defender of the Constitution. Co-founder of Utah Rising and other organizations, Darcy is a community organizer, activist & citizen lobbyist working as an advocate of state powers and individual liberty.

She works hard getting good people elected as well as to pass important legislation. She loves getting people involved in the process and having regular discussions on policy and the issues of the day. Her powerful quotes have been found in the New York Times and other prominent publications! 
She is the: 
Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Utah
Austrian Economics Club of Utah
Campaign for Liberty Utah 
Darcy grew up in the DC area and has a Bachelors Degree in Criminology from George Mason University and spoke at CPAC 2011.
For the first hour we will play Senator Mike Lee's response to Obama's reaction to Cut, Cap & Balance Act, then Darcy and I will discuss the issues facing Congress right now, not the least of which is getting their fiscal house in order.

Then Michael Swenson, the executive director of Utah Shared Access Alliance will join us in studio to discuss land issues. This is a volative issue in Utah as 70% of our lands have been co-opted by the federal government. The government those lands riches in all resources which could bring Utah completely out of the recession and help neighboring states to the do the same. But the EPA and the Obama Administration refuse to turn loose of the land.

Mike's organization, the Utah Shared Access Alliance is:
USA-ALL defends public access and recreation on public lands whenever and wherever it is threatened! We work with local user groups and land managers to promote responsible recreation and protect access. 
Utah Shared Access Alliance ( USA-ALL ) was founded in 1999 to push back against the forces of radical environmental and anti-access groups trying to remove motorized and mechanized recreation from public lands in Utah. Our enemies are well-funded and highly motivated, but we have the facts, the truth, and the people on our side. All we need are the resources required to continue the fight against public land closures. 
With over 10,000 members, USA-ALL is the largest group working exclusively on public land access issues in Utah. We’ve won numerous cases from local jurisdictions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. We’ve also prevented closures by working with local governments and land managers. 
Get involved in the fight to protect your rights! Learn more here.  
Our Mission 
  • To defend equality of shared access, educate the public, and empower user groups while conserving our public lands for the benefit of all. 
What We Do 
  • We educate the general public as to the issues concerning Vehicle Assisted Recreation and Access (VARA) and to dispel misconceptions and myths commonly associated with this activity.  
  • We educate legislators and aid their efforts to craft responsible legislation that does not violate the rights of motorized and mechanized recreationists.  
  • We educate the recreating public to help them understand and participate in the complicated land management planning process.  
  • We help develop partnerships between land managers and users in order to better provide recreational opportunities while protecting our natural resources.  
  • We participate in public land management planning activities so that management plans are balanced and enforceable.  
  • We counter the unfair influence of the Wilderness Advocacy Groups (WAGS) within public land managing agencies.
It's going to be a great day on Buy Back America Radio. I hope you tune in and participate in the conversation. You may listen at KTALK AM 630 in the Utah market, or listen to it streamed live, as listeners all over the nation and in our military do, at

The call in numbers are:

801-254-5855 : Salt Lake County
801-470-5855 : Utah County
801-670-5855 : Weber & North Davis Counties

Talk to you tomorrow!

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