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On Day 3, Modern-day Thomas Jefferson, Curtis Greco, joins me as co-host

On day three, a modern-day Thomas Jefferson will be joining me!

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Host: Tim Aalders, but Candace Salima this week!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Host: Candace Salima
Co-Host: Curtis Greco, The Imperfect Messenger Foundation

The last two days have been interesting, and each more intriguing than the last. We all have been working hard to make each show engaging, informative and entertaining.

Today, Tony Katz of and joined me as co-host. Mike, the director of Border Narcotics Intelligence called in to update us on Fast & Furious. Then Jedediah Bila, author of Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative.

If you missed the show, you may listen to today's Buy Back America show here. We discussed the Cut, Cap & Trade Act, Fast & Furious, capitalism vs. statism, the vitriolic attacks on conservative women, and Jedediah's book.

All in all, it was quite fascinating.

Now on to tomorrow!

We have a modern-day Thomas Jefferson joining me on Buy Back America as my co-host. Curtis Greco, the founder of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation and author of The Blind Vision series, is a constitutional expert.
Curtis Greco, Founder of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation, author, blogger, and engaging public speaker, offers topical and timely social commentary. A frequent radio talk show guest and commentator, Greco’s message is seasoned by years of study and his extensive professional background in accounting, finance and real estate. His topical dialogues cover a range of genres including; 
  • Socio-Political – “Founding Ideals In Exile” 
  • Native Economics – “Globalization: A Recovery Strategy” 
  • Banking & Finance – “The Currency of Illusion” 
  • Corporal Philosophies – “The Laws of Freedom, the Science of Liberty” 
  • “Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics – The Essential Compass”
His most recent work, the three volume series entitled “Blind Vision,” articulates a direct challenge to the political, judicial and economic demagogues’ of the day offering stirring insights and inventive strategies for revitalizing a nation. 
On the merit of his work, here are just a few comments from key media, social and business leaders: 
“Nobody does a better job than Curtis Greco of illustrating the power and the beauty of democracy.” Pat Williams, SVP Orlando’s Magic 
“A simply brilliant performance.” Denny Schaffer, Radio Host, WGKA, Atlanta:  
“Greco provides visionary solutions for the daunting challenges our nation is now facing. Americans need to join the conversation now to propagate badly needed, swift reforms.” Austin Hill, Talk Show Host, Columnist:  
“Greco is the megaphone from which our founding fathers are screaming ‘please stop this madness’… Every American should read these books!” Todd Zaugg, Founder, Matrix Achievement Group
You may learn more about Curtis Greco's Imperfect Messenger Foundation here.

Also joining us, as a guest, is Karen Herd. Karen is an army wife whose husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. We will be talking the challenges a military spouse faces while their significant other is deployed. This will be an interesting, not to mention intriguing, interview. We've had veterans on our show who always talk about how amazing their wives were in holding everything together while they were gone. And every single one of them has said we should interview a military wife, so that is what we are doing tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.

At Noon, Representative Brad Daw will be calling in from the Hill here in Utah to update us on what the legislature is doing on their interim day. We've had controversial legislation here in the state of Utah, but more so we've had several landmark pieces of legislation and have made our mark in the United States.

About Representative Brad Daw
"I want to represent the people of South Orem honestly, fairly and vigorously in the Utah State Legislature." Brad has been involved in Utah politics since 1994. From precinct chair to Orem's current House representative, Brad has brought his innovative views and conservative ideas to Congress. 
Solidly Conservative "I believe in limited government, low taxes, property and gun ownership rights, freedom of religion, and families as the core of any stable society."

Special Interest in Youth "I have served in many youth programs including scoutmaster. I believe our youth should have access to a high quality and challenging education." 
Technology Expert "My profession in computer engineering gives me additional insight into technology issues facing Utah such as electronic voting, the scourge of internet pornography, and bringing technology companies to Utah." 
Current committee assignments: Transportation Committee (Co-Chair), Health and Human Services Committee,  
Dedicated to conservative family values Married to Laura Olsen of Kaysville, he is the father of five wonderful children. Along with many family activities, Brad found time to further his education, earning the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, BYU, Master of Science in Computer Engineering, San Jose State University 
Brad is currently employed by Adobe. Brad was awarded a U.S. Patent for his innovations to education technology products produced by a former employer, AlphaSmart.
The remainder of the time Curtis and I will discuss Cut, Cap, & Balance and what happened in the House of Representatives today. We will also talk about the suggestion by the new "Gang of Six," and I do believe gang is the appropriate term, that Barack Obama be given the authority to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants. And last, but certainly not least, we will discuss the attacks on the U.S. Constitution by the current administration and where America is headed from here.

All in all, it will be another fabulous day on Buy Back America Radio.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
On Day 3, Modern-day Thomas Jefferson, Curtis Greco, joins me as co-host On Day 3, Modern-day Thomas Jefferson, Curtis Greco, joins me as co-host Reviewed by Candace Salima on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Rating: 5