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A Cause Worth Perfecting

With the news that Michelle Obama was in Utah today, AND she raised $420,000 from gullible Utahns who apparently have not paid attention to what has been going on in America for the last three years, I've been pondering quite a bit.

You all know I am the co-host (to Tim Aalders) of KTALK AM 630's Buy Back America. It is an honor and privilege to be on air 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, talking of the state of America's Main Street, K Street, Washington, D.C. as a whole, the Obama Administration, Congress, conservatives and liberals throughout the nation, promoting small business, etc. Through the course of these months, as America's economic and constitutional positions have grown more and more precarious, there has been a sense of urgency growing in the conservative movement across the nation. This is an urgency that is 10-fold in my own heart.

I know I cannot save America by myself. I know there are millions across America joined in this great cause to preserve the Republic from those who would replace it with communism. FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, GOOOH, Club for Growth, Tea Party Patriots, Sons of Liberty, 9/12ers, conservatives from all parties, and others who do not affiliate but are paying attention, contacting their elected officials, and voting. 

I am constantly reminded these stress levels will kill me, so I try to exercise (although the back injury is getting in the way of that) and try do the things that will reduce stress as I engage in this battle every day. So to return to my original pondering, just what is a cause worth perfecting?

It is that cause which lights the fire of truth, patriotism, or spirituality in your heart. A family is worth preserving. God's gospel, and kingdom, is worth preserving. And I believe that America is worth preserving. That nation which was birthed from great sacrifice, both as a people and a nation. Growing pains that at times brought us to war, and at times brought us to our greatest moments. For me, my life's missions have grown to but a scant few: God, family, and America. I will carry those lights in my heart to the grave and beyond. This is how much they mean to me.

So back to my news about Michelle Obama's effectiveness in Utah. Liberals are opening their pockets to further the destruction of America, to fundamentally change the government our Founding Fathers created for us.

The U.S. Constitution was a divinely inspired document and is, bar none, the greatest document written in the history of the world. Note I said document, and not book. And yes, I know about the 3/5ths clause, which is abhorrent to me. However, I know the reason that it was put there, and I know it was supposed to sunset out. The ONLY clause in the Constitution that was to sunset out. It took a Civil War, with the Republicans on the side of the Emancipation Proclamation, laying their lives down to not only preserve the nation, but to also bring real meaning to the "all men are created equal" constitutional clause. It's taken more than a century to get Americans to the point where they accept that.

However, Barack Hussein Obama has divided the races more fully than they have been in decades. We are no longer Americans, but African-American, Hispanic-America, Arab-America, etc. and in so doing has weakened us through those divisions. Through Obama's policies our civil liberties are being stripped away and the ACLU remains silent. Through Obama's policies our constitutional rights are going down, one by one, and Congress remains ineffective. Through Obama's policies the Republic is under direct attack and weakening, and the whole of America is still not engaged in this battle. And the reason they remain silent is because they have one, and only cause, to strip freedom from every single American.

No matter where we turn, we are under attack. And we are fighting back, but until we unite we remain weak and able to be defeated. This is why I not only got so fully behind the Declaration of Restoration, I helped to create it. I have made it my cause, a cause worth perfecting, to promote and deliver the message of the Declaration of Restoration as far and as widely as I can. But I cannot do it by myself, and neither can Tim Aalders.

I am asking you to join with me in this effort to restore America. I need your help in spreading the word. I need people to join the cause. I need them to Like the video. I need them to read the Declaration of Restoration and sign their name to it if these words ring as clearly in your hearts as they have in mine. All of these things take no more than a few moments of your time, as a whole. But most of all, and I understand if it is not within your means at this time, I need people to donate to the cause, at least $5.00. 

Tim and I are taking this message across the nation, to 33 American cities, to hand-deliver the Declaration of Restoration to Congress and so much more!

Please join the Facebook Declaration of Restoration Cause page and invite your friends to do the same.

Visit Buy Back America's website and learn more about what Tim and I are doing.

Read and/or watch the Declaration of Restoration and then go back to the Home page on the site and sign, if these words resound in your heart, the document.

And please, if this is a cause worth perfecting for you, as it is to me, post this blog on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bebo, MySpace, and other social networks. Forward it in an email to all of your friends and ask them to do the same until it has reached every single conservative, poor or rich, in the United States of America. This is, I vow, a cause worth perfecting, for I have dedicated my life, my fortune (such as it is), and my sacred honor to this cause. 

Can we equal the efforts of the liberals in their destruction of America, but to the preserving of America? I am giving it my all, I do not ask you to do the same. I ask you to support me in this cause and I can be the face of the fight. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with all who wish to be on the front lines of this fight, and I will represent those who don't. 

You may donate online at

You may snail mail donations to:

Buy Back America
P.O. Box 2516
Orem, UT  84059-2516

Again, $5 will make a huge difference. If more is within your means, it will do more. If I could do this on my own, I would. But I cannot, I need your help to fight this fight.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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