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We Must Stop Obama Before it is Too Late

Please call your congressmen now, and every day, until Congress backs down! Demand that socialized medicine be taken off the table. Make it clear to them that we will not tolerate the passage of this legislation. The Obama Administration is having ABC News broadcast it 24/7 to have all Americans call their congressmen and tell them to vote for the socialized medicine legislation. Socialized medicine has not worked in any country … no country at all. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of other nations. Let's call our congressmen and tell them NO! Click on the link to get phone numbers:

Please spread this message as far and as wide as you possibly can. We must not lose this battle. The federal government has control of AIG (insurance), GM (auto industry), Citibank (banking) and now they’ve taken aim at our healthcare system. We have passed socialism andgone straight to fascism. We must stop this onslaught now.

Call your congressmen and senators and call them every day. Do not let up the pressure. Attend the tea parties in your area and join your voice with others as we fight together to stop the destruction of the republic of the United States of America. Please help me, this is a battle we cannot lose.
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