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Universal Healthcare: Good or Bad

With the Obama Administration and the Congress trailing obediently behind, abdicating their constitutional duty, we have a health care plan tearing through Washington, D.C. which will devastate the stellar health care we have here in the United States. More and more "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are taking a backseat to "big brother" wanting to regulate how we breathe, eat and live. Socialized healthcare is no exception.

As I've listened to the arguments for socialized medicine from both sides of the aisle, I've come to realize, moreso than ever, how incredibly dangerous it is. The Canada Free Press has a fantastic article which I found very useful, about this very topic:

by Daria Anne Giovani
16 June 2009

When my Blog Talk Radio co-host Stephen Rhodes and I sat down to interview Dr. Alphonse J. DiGiovanni, M.D., General and Vascular Surgeon last week (yes, Dr. Al also happens to be my dad) about the Obama Administration’s forceful push to nationalize medicine, I already had a fairly accurate understanding of the points the good doctor would make in defense of the free market, and the best healthcare system in the world.

Among other troubling things, socialized medicine would jeopardize doctor-patient privilege by giving government bureaucrats the power to interfere with the proper course of treatment (e.g. usurping the doctor’s authority to recommend a particular procedure or operation deemed necessary for the patient’s health); potentially force mothers-to-be to abort pregnancies determined to have fetal abnormalities (and pay doctors more money to intimidate parents into choosing abortion); and deny elderly patients recommended care simply because the state decides it is not worth the time and money to preserve a life that’s nearly over anyway.

Dr. Al eloquently opined on all of the above, but he also offered a history lesson as to how it all began, having been in practice since 1965. And just to set the record straight, he is not some wealthy physician born with a silver spoon in his mouth, fighting for a doctor’s right to make a lot of cash. Contrary to what liberals want Americans to believe, not every doctor was once a child of privilege. My father was born to Italian immigrant parents who came to the USA well into their 30s, in order to create a better life for their children. His dad was a humble tailor with a third-grade education; his mother a seamstress who only made it as far as the sixth grade.

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This path the Obama Administration is taking leads to the complete and utter destruction of the U.S. health care system and replaces it with a system that will not work. There are already two types of socialized medicine in the United States. Military healthcare and Medicare. Neither of them work and are both administered by the federal government.

So let me ask you this? If you owned a company and were looking at different subcontractors to handle a job outside of your purview, would you choose that subcontractor who had failed at every job he'd undertaken or would you choose the subcontractor who had a phenomenal track record. It really is as simple as that.

The federal government cannot administrate anything without making it an unmitigated disaster. They are trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt and are working on the premise, "What the hell, we can print or borrow more." The basics of accounting haven't applied in Washington, D.C. in a very long time. Anything which requires government input, as we all know, is guaranteed to take months if not years. And so I ask Americans across the nation: Why on earth would you trust your healthcare to THAT!
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