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Are you kidding me Congress?

Okay . . . we're at war. Islamic Jihadists have targeted Americans for death, no matter where they live in this world. Man, woman, child . . . they care not. They just want us all dead. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) has cut the U.S. off for oil. . . look for prices to skyrocket at the gas pump. The economy has had two solid slow quarters which signals a recession. Hezbullah and Israel are on the brink of an all out war which has the U.S. and Israel braced for battle. Our Constitution and our Constitutional rights are being threatened at every turn. Our borders are so porous that our enemies are pouring over thing by the hundreds, thousands and millions. The nation is polarized with our political choices in the presidential race and Congress . . . what is Congress doing?

Baseball. Yup, they're focusing on baseball. They have no purview there. The Democrats are in the majority. Clearly some Republicans have been there too long as they're participating in this debacle. Just in case Congress, and America, forgot. Steroid use falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice, you know, the cops? Yeah, it's their job. Doesn't Congress have better things to do?

Yeah they do!

Get behind the president and the military and provide the means to end this war once and for all.

Stop our dependence on foreign oil and start tapping our more than ample resources and funding alternative energy sources.

Beg Mitt Romney, even pay the man, for the advice and consulting to get the American economy back on track.

Issue a strong statement to Hezbullah that the U.S. will respond with the full force and might of the American military if they go to full out war against Israel.

Remember why they were put in Congress and start restoring the Constitutional rights of the American people, cleaning house and start representing the people . . . as they were elected to do.

Secure the borders. Enforce the immigration laws. Rescind all laws that gives rights to illegal aliens, such as Social Security benefits, drivers licenses, in-state tuition, free ride with our welfare system. You want to know why the economy is in trouble? Look to the illegal immigrants and the tremendous strain on our health care and welfare systems.

$450 billion dollars of our GDP goes out to foreign oil. Begin drilling in ANWR. Develop the oil in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Drill offshore. That'll help the economy in so many ways I don't even know where to start.

I think that's a good place to start, Congress. Stop messin' around with baseball. You've got more important things to do . . . you know, the things we elected you and pay you for?

Personal Note: Alvin is home! They never did figure out the source of the problem or what caused his vitals to go crazy and spike a temperature. But whatever it was is apparently gone. Alvin is upstairs relaxing in his easy chair, and so very happy to be there! He's playing around on the laptop, watching FoxNews (there's only so much of the liberal news media one can take) and just taking it easy. Whew! Another crises survived!

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