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Mitt Romney, John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Huckabee's a joke. Everyone knows it except for the man himself and the evangelicals who keep voting for him. But let's take a look at a possible scenario.

I have a plan. It's a good one. Huckabee stays in the race. McCain doesn't get the number of delegates he needs and it is forced to go to a vote at the Republican National Convention. Mitt Romney didn't drop out of the race, he suspended his campaign which means delegates can still vote for him and he could still be the Republican nominee. Mind boggling, isn't it?

So . . . anybody see where I'm going with this? At the Republican National Convention it goes to a vote and every single Republican national delegate stops being stupid and casts a vote for Mitt Romney and he becomes the party nominee. The McCain and Huckabee camps apologize for the lies, misrepresentation and outright betrayal of Republicans across the nation. Mitt Romney chooses a running mate, such as Rudy Giuliani, who is strong on defense, although Mitt Romney is no slouch. And the Republican National Campaign begins in earnest with an onslaught of advertising helping Americans to know Mitt Romney better.

We shine a bright spotlight on the records and politics of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In so doing, we make it clear that the America which has managed to exist for the last 232 years is worth saving rather than trading it in on socialism or communism, which is where Obama and Clinton would take us. Republicans take the White House, Senate and House. And those elected officials in Congress cease lining their own pockets, backdoor trading, pork producing and take a good long look in the mirror and realize that if we continue down this path, the destruction of America and betrayal of the American people will be complete. They either toe the line or we vote them out of office in two years.

With this scenario in place, anything is possible, the people in Washington, D.C., for the first time in a very long time, get the economy fixed, defeat our enemies once and for all, rebuild this nation based on the Constitution of the United States of America and do what they are supposed to do: Let the states run themselves and their lands while the federal government provides for the national defense, establishes justice to insure domestic tranquility, promotes the general welfare and secures the blessings of liberty without robbing Americans of their Constitutional rights.

Barring this, which I believe to be a natural and intelligent course of action, I'm going to form my own political party. No kidding, there has to be a place for the conservatives of America to go, the people who believe in the defense of the Constitution and a strong and moral America. I will base this party platform on the teachings of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and I will gather conservatives from across the nation. Within twelve years we will have the majority in the Congress and will have the White House. No, I will NOT be the nominee. But somehow I, along with a few good men and women, will pull this together and I swear to you, it will happen.

But back to the current plan. So how do we make the National Convention work? First, don't let McCain take the number of delegates necessary to preclude Huckabee from the Convention. Contact every single one of your super delegates and your state party officials (national delegates) and let them know, in no uncertain terms, how you want them to vote at the convention. Their email and voicemail boxes must be flooded with your phone calls and emails. Your voice must be heard loud and clear. Then you see if their integrity insures they follow through. Make sure they know if they don't cast their votes for Mitt Romney then they are out of a job. Make sure they understand you will dedicate all your efforts to making sure they no longer run the party in your state.

With all that being said . . . what are our chances? Not good. It requires a lot of people to stop voting with their emotions, take a look at the issues and what will insure a bright tomorrow for the American people, free of big federal government, and vote accordingly. In other words, use the brains God gave you, please?

Told ya I'd have a plan in a few days. It took me a week, but there it is. Other people, under great stress (such as my husband being in the hospital with an undiagnosed infection) would get a massage, get a pedicure or manicure (this was pointed out to me by a girlfriend by the way) and do something to reduce the stress. Not me, I develop a plan to get my candidate back on top of the political heap and form my own political party. Hey, it works for me!
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