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Highlights from GOP New Hampshire Debate

I thought Governor Romney did a fantastic job. The hate rolling off Huckabee was palpable and has shown him for the despicable human being he is. McCain's disdain for Romney was also visible. Neither one of them liked being called on their records claiming they were attack ads. How are they attack ads? I mentioned in an earlier post that Governor Romney's campaign wasn't attacking anyone's character, faith, or family . . . simply their voting and leadership records. Again, how are those attacks. My goodness gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, how old are you?

I can certainly say, regarding Huckabee or McCain, neither has shown the strength of character needed in order to be president of the United States. I'm startled McCain has such a strong showing in New Hampshire today. Lest we forget: John McCain is a very liberal Republican. New Hampshire used to be a conservative bastian, but apparently that is changing.

Marc Ambinder
had something enlightening to say about the New Hampshire race:

Don't count out a surprisingly strong showing by Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

For one thing, the polls are very tight; there was no real post-Iowa bounce for John McCain; he was rising before Iowa and seems to have a ceiling at about 35%.)

Romney seems liberated on the trail -- like a hose unbent. He is full of energy; his television ads are excellent; his debate performance last night was stellar.

He has spent more than $10M securing the approval of conservative Republicans, has held more than 40 town hall meetings in the state, has traveled here more than any candidate, is from a neighboring state, has a natural base here.

There are no alternative conservative choices with a shot at winning the nomination.

A lot of voters in Concord this morning told me they were choosing between Romney and Huckabee -- and this was at a McCain event.

And while there are many vestiges of the old McCain, he is more negative, has more baggage,
is still unacceptable on immigration, and was on the air late.

It will be interesting to watch the polls today and see who wins. I'm pulling for Mitt Romney, as always.

FYI: Mitt Romney won the Wyoming primary.

Flipping over to the Democrat side . . . is anyone besides me scared of Barack Obama? It has nothing to do with his being black and everything to do with him being a raging socialist. He's a charming fellow but his politics are so close to being communism it absolutely terrifies me. The "change" he wants to bring to Washington, D.C. is BIG federal government poking into every aspect of American citizens' lives as opposed to small federal government, states rights and the American people taking care of themselves. If you want to know what it would be like to live under an unchecked Barack Obama administration check out the former Soviet Union.

Of Obama, Doug Robinson of the Deseret Morning News reported today:
People worry that Romney will take his orders from his church leaders. They don't worry that Obama will take orders from his church, whose "10-point vision" includes two references to its "non-negotiable commitment to Africa," with no mention of America. Oh, and the church statement begins by noting on the Trinity United Church of Christ Web site, "We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black."
How many Americans know that Barack Obama's dedication to Africa and African Americans is stronger, oh shoot, let's face it, it exists and his loyalty to America is almost nil! Do we want a president who will cherry pick who he will support and answer to? Barack belongs to a church that is unashamedly black. What about the Mexicans, Native Americans, Caucasians, Oriential, East Indian, etc. citizens of this nation? Are you going to ignore us because we aren't black? Because that is sure how it's comin' down.

Fortunately, we have Congress to keep him in check . . . oh wait, yeah, they're broken too! Congress is supposed to maintain the balance of power between the executive, judicial and legislative branches. Congress is supposed to insure that neither of the other two run amuck . . . huh, guess who's falling down on the job?

You know what I want? Oh I'd love to see a Romney/Giuliani ticket in November. Wouldn't that be something? That's a team I could get behind.

And just for kicks and giggles I'd like to break it down in a very un-PC way:

A Mormon/Catholic vs. Black/Woman presidential race. I'm certain the South would go straight into apoplexy!

If you're a New Hampshire voter, get to the polls today.

This is a very important election. Remember what a God-given privilege it is to vote in the greatest country in the world. Oh, I know it's passé to be proud to be American . . . guess what? I'm screamingly proud to be an American.

In case you don't know when your Primary is check it out here.
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