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Presidential Primaries Coming Up!

A quick reminder, state presidential primaries are coming up starting next week. This upcoming Presidential election involves a number of very serious issues. I ask each of you to spend a little time over the next few days and research each candidate and their stance on the issues.
  • Are you pro-democracy and anti-socialism? Then stay away from the Democrats.
  • Are you pro-abortion, pro-big government, anti-military, and anti-second amendment? Then vote for one of the Democrats.
  • Are you pro-democracy, pro-life, anti-big government, pro-military, pro-second amendment . . . then vote for a Republican.
Other than that, you need to choose from the vast field of candidates, of which there are many. I've already made my choice and am voting for Mitt Romney. Have you made your choice yet? Candidate and issue rundowns are on the right-hand side of my blog. You're welcome to take a look there.

It is one of the sweetest privileges Americans have, to elect their leaders. My father, robbed of all his freedoms, when he was a child, by the Nazis constantly spoke to us, schools and churches across the nation about that time in his life and the incredible freedom and responsibility Americans have. Here are some dates, check and see if I have the date of your state presidential primary. Almost everyone has moved their primaries up . . . so make sure you are registered to vote and cast your vote for your presidential nominee.

- Jan 3: Iowa Democratic and Republican Presidential Caucuses

- Jan 5: Wyoming Republican Presidential Caucus

- Jan 7: Mail/agency voter registration deadline for Utah Presidential Primary

- Jan 8: New Hampshire Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries

- Jan 15: Michigan Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries

- Jan 16: Overseas voter absentee ballot request deadline for Utah Presidential Primary.

- Jan 22: Early voting period begins for Utah Presidential Primary

- Jan 26: South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary

- Jan 29: Florida Democratic and Republican Presidential Primaries

- Jan 29: In-person voter registration deadline for Utah Presidential Primary

- Jan 29: Absentee ballot application for Utah Presidential Primary

- Feb 1: Maine Republican Presidential Primary

- Feb 1: Early voting period ends (5:00 p.m.) for Utah Presidential Primary

- Feb 4: In-office absentee voting ends for Utah Presidential Primary

- Feb 4: Mailed absentee ballot post mark deadline for Utah Presidential Primary

- Feb 5: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah Republican and Democratic Primaries and Caucuses.

- Feb 9: Kansas, Washington and Louisiana Republican Primaries and Caucuses

- Feb 9: Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington Democratic Primaries and Caucuses

- Feb 10: Maine Democratic Presidential Caucus

- Feb 12: District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia Republican Presidential Primaries and Caucuses.

- Feb 12: Maryland and Virginia Democratic Presidential Caucuses

- Feb 19: Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary

- Feb 19: Hawaii and Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

- Mar 1: American Samoa Republican Presidential Caucus

- Mar 4: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries

- Mar 8: Wyoming Democratic Presidential Caucus

- Mar 10: American Samoa Democratic Presidential Caucus

- Mar 11: Mississippi Republican and Democratic Presidential Primary

- Apr 3: District of Columbia Democratic Presidential Caucus

- Apr 5: Virgin Islands Republican Presidential Primary

- Apr 22: Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Caucus

- May 6: Indiana and North Carolina Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries

- May 13: Nebraska Republican Presidential Caucus

- May 13: West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary

- May 17: Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus

- May 20: Kentucky and Oregon Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries

- May 27: Idaho Republican Presidential Primary

- June 3: South Dakota Republican Presidential Primary

- June 3: Montana and South Dakota Democratic Presidential Primaries

- June 7: Puerto Rico Democratic Presidential Caucus

- Sept 1-4: Republican National Convention, Minneapolis, MN

- November 4th: Presidential Election Day! Don't forget to vote!

Sidenote: Why, when their hope for Pakistan was assassinated are her followers doing this:
One man was killed in a shootout between police and protesters in Tando Allahyar, a town 120 miles north of Karachi, Pakistan's commercial hub, said Mayor Kanwar Naveed. Four others were killed in Karachi, two were killed elsewhere in the southern Sindh province and two in Lahore, police said.

Karachi shopkeepers quickly shuttered their stores as protesters burned vehicles, a gas station and tires on the roads, said Fayyaz Leghri, a local police official. Gunmen shot and wounded two police officers, he said.

Bhutto's supporters in many towns burned banks, shops and state-run grocery stores. Some torched ruling party election offices, according to Pakistani media. (MSNBC)
They turn on each other, on their political opponents, on the government . . . I don't know if Musharraf had anything to do with the assassination or not. What I do know is that Al Qaida and Taliban leaders have repeatedly threatened Bhutto with death. They have proven, over and over, that they always carry out their mad, horrific and decidedly anti-Allah schemes. So why, may I ask, have the people of Pakistan imploded rather than cleaning house. Capture and punish on Al Qaida and all Taliban . . . that'll be start. Then understand the democratic process and push it forward rather than immediately sinking into a barbaric past where death and mayhem rule.
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