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GOP Debate: Ted Cruz

You might think, "Of course she thinks Ted Cruz won the debate, she's a strong supporter and a member of Ted Cruz's Utah team. But let me explain a few things here. He stuck to the issues and the policies while Trump and Rubio figuratively ran around waving their hands in the air with little cartoon steam blowing out of their ears.

Ted Cruz told Donald Trump that he wants to federally fund Planned Parenthood. He didn't say anything about abortion, just Planned Parenthood. Although the bulk of their work is abortion and they do sell baby parts which is quite reprehensible. But Donald Trump does want to federally fund Planned Parenthood, Ted Cruz was not lying.

And Marco Rubio called Ted Cruz a liar because he said that Marco was refusing to deport the 12,000,000 illegal aliens we have in America, in effect, amnesty. Marco called him a liar and said, "He doesn't even know Spanish so I don't how he can know what I said" ... Ted Cruz then promptly answered him in Spanish, the language of his father.

I tried to find the Univision video where Marco Rubio said he wasn't going to deport 12,000,000 illegal aliens. I think I found it, but no subtitles on this one. And I don't speak Spanish, because I live in America and English is the language we speak. So I can't say what was said on this one.

Ted Cruz has the ability to remember everything that has been said. It is called an audiographic memory, and he has it in spades. So when people challenge him, they should remember that little thing about him. He really can remember everything you've said.

So last night both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio had multiple temper tantrums. They threw the words "liar, liar, liar" around with great frequency. The problem is, they were the ones lying. Donald Trump has defended Planned Parenthood, as you see above. Marco Rubio has promoted amnesty and Ted Cruz did not. In fact, the National Review reported:

"Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) offered an amendment that would have dramatically increased security along the southern border by, among other things, tripling the number of Border Patrol agents, quadrupling the number of sensors, cameras, drones, and other surveillance equipment, and fully implementing a biometric entry-exit system at land-border crossings. DHS would lose funding, and political appointees would have their salaries docked 20 percent, if these measures were not implemented within three years. The amendment was defeated by a 13-to-5 vote, with Senator Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) joining Flake and Graham in opposition. Cruz’s colleague from Texas, Senator John Cornyn, offered a similar amendment to require stricter border-security triggers; it was defeated 12 to 6." National Review, 10 May 2013

There is more to the matter, Newsmax also reported in regards to Cruz's amendment:

"My amendment was a one-page amendment that said anyone here illegally is permanently ineligible for citizenship," the first-term Texas senator told Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. "It was calling their bluff because what it did was revealed hypocrisy." Newsmax, 15 December 2014

So Marco Rubio lied about that too. Jeff Sessions, Steve King and Mike Lee all backed Ted Cruz up saying he fought against the Gang of 8 bill with them. So Marco not only lied, he looked right in the camera and lied.

I invite you to listen to Ted Cruz yourself and make your own judgement. He appeared on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopolous:

And Ted didn't shy away from any topic. He flat laid it out there. So South Carolina and Nevada, you have a choice to make. Choose the adult that was in the room last night or the 5-year old throwing a temper tantrum. That is what it boils down to ... it really is a two-man race for the Republican nomination. Choose the constitutional conservative, choose the adult.

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