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Ted Cruz Goes Sun Tzu on Trump and Rubio

by Will Stauff
Conservative Report

"Here Jeff quotes Sun Tzu who wrote The Art Of War. Anyone paying attention realizes this is directed at Donald Trump. When Trump called Cruz a Pu#@y! days after the New Hampshire debate this tweet stood out in my mind. What most people don’t understand, especially Trump and his supporters, is that Cruz is so well versed in Sun Tzu tactics that they will not see Ted Cruz coming when he strikes.

"It’s interesting how so many Republicrat-Establishment types write Ted Cruz off in media circles. There’s one thing I notice from some left wing media sources. They understand Ted Cruz and they take him seriously. The media writes articles about Cruz as a means of warning the Democrats what they are really up against. They actually tell the truth about him because they recognize him as a threat.

“In both law and politics, I think the essential battle is the meta-battle of framing the narrative,” Cruz told me. “As Sun Tzu said, Every battle is won before it’s fought. It’s won by choosing the terrain on which it will be fought. So in litigation I tried to ask, What’s this case about? When the judge goes home and speaks to his or her grandchild, who’s in kindergarten, and the child says, ‘Paw-Paw, what did you do today?’ And if you own those two sentences that come out of the judge’s mouth, you win the case.

“So let’s take Medellín as an example of that,” Cruz went on. “The other side’s narrative in Medellín was very simple and easy to understand. ‘Can the state of Texas flout U.S. treaty obligations, international law, the President of the United States, and the world? And, by the way, you know how those Texans are about the death penalty anyway!’ That’s their narrative. That’s what the case is about. When Justice Kennedy comes home and he tells his grandson, ‘This case is about whether a state can ignore U.S. treaty obligations,’ we lose.

“So I spent a lot of time thinking about, What’s a different narrative to explain this case? Because, as you know, just about every observer in the media and in the academy thought we didn’t have a prayer. This is a hopeless case.”

"It’s interesting how the last debate fleshed out in South Carolina and how Ted Cruz has not reciprocated Trump’s attacks until that moment that made the difference. At the beginning of the debate I thought Trump was going to do what he normally does, play passive aggressive. Appear passive in the debates while he goes aggressive on twitter and at rallies. It finally didn’t work this time. Ted Cruz like Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee in the courtroom getting Colonel Nathan Jessup to admit that he gave the order to issue the “Code Red” Cruz forced Trump to admit his support for abortion." 

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