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We Simply Must Elect Ted Cruz

Remember, we are now facing the death of many of our liberties if Barack Obama is allowed to nominate another liberal to the United States Supreme Court.

We simply must elect Ted Cruz. There is no longer a choice. Rush Limbaugh says if you are a conservative, then Ted Cruz is your guy. He also said that Ted Cruz is the closest thing we have to Ronald Reagan in our lifetime.

May I add, Ted Cruz is that constitutional conservative we all prayed for ... we must unite behind Ted Cruz. I am merely echoing the sentiments of Dr. James Dobson, Thomas Sowell, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Marcus Luttrell, Dakota Meyer, and Taya Kyle, and so many more.

Today, I want to share Krista Branch's I Am America. It is a reminder of what we are fighting, and why I am so adamant that Ted Cruz must win. I will trust him to nominate good, strong constitutionalists faithful to the law instead of their politics.

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