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Stand America, Stand

I'm paraphrasing Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate for America:

Hold your ground! Hold your ground! Sons and daughters of America, my fellow Americans. I see in your eyes the same fear I see in my eyes that America will fall. The day may come when the courage of America's sons and daughters fails, but it is not this day. We have one last chance to save America, and that relies on a vote for Ted Cruz. Do not give up. This day we fight. I bid you stand, sons and daughters of America and unite behind Ted Cruz. 

Let this be morning in America again. Let America prosper again. It will take a man faithful to the U.S. Constitution to bring us back to prosperity and Ted Cruz is that man.

If Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins you may kiss America goodbye, kiss the U.S. Constitution goodbye. There is very little difference between Trump and Clinton. Both are equally corrupt and amoral. They will not be able to debate one another because they are both guilty. I have done the research, I know what I'm talking about.

We must send Ted Cruz to Washington, D.C. as our next president. The very future of our nation depends on a President Ted Cruz.

Here is Ted Cruz's Super Tuesday speech. Trumpites called it whiny, I call it the speech of a true patriot, one who truly loves America.

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