Convention of Statesmen


The Convention of Statesmen

Like the word Patriot, the term Statesman calls to mind more than a simple definition of the term. A Statesman is a man or woman not just of conviction, but with the courage of those convictions. A person willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the forces of sloth, greed, corruption, and control, all because they stand with what is right. In today's world, a Statesman is someone who understands that there is such a thing as right, and that it must be promoted over all else. The Statesman doesn't just talk about problems, they conceive, propagate, and champion solutions. 

Rhetoric. It seems like these days everyone is willing to talk about a problem, but no one's willing to go out and solve them. In the political arena it's worse than that. Government problems provide never ending pipelines for graft, kingdom building, vote buying, and a list of insider favors as far as the eye can see. Political operators have no desire to fix these problems, they've spent years and sometimes decades building careers on them and lining their own pockets with the spoils. 

Aren't you tired of this? Aren't you tired of the same old, worn out, unworkable solutions from the same old, worn out, insider politicians? Aren't you tired of the same blathering, status quo, talking heads on every news program from MSNBC to FOX? Don't you just want someone to tell the truth for once, and then roll up their sleeves and try to actually solve a problem? Just once? 

 A Navy SEAL, Army Ranger and a Jet Fighter Pilot walk into a convention ...

Senator Mike Lee, Dinesh D'Souza, Carl Higbie (Ret. Navy SEAL and Fox News Contributor), Colonel Bill Connor, Congressman Chris Stewart, Attorney General Sean Reyes, Professor Gove Allen, Kevin Jackson of Blacksphere Radio, Nora Abu Dan (Miss United Nations), as well as Jornviever Rougeau. 

 The Time is Now 

 It's time for a gathering. Not a gathering of talking heads who all preach the same gospel, think the same way, and pat each other on the back once it's done. It's time for a gathering of Statesmen. A place where the myriad of problems facing America can be taken head on and addressed, without the unstated goal of destroying the Constitution lurking in the background. A gathering where solutions aren't just proposed, but backed and supported. A gathering where the attendees go away from it plugged in and ready to implement those solutions and, perhaps most important of all, ready and able to hold their political leaders accountable for those solutions. 

Announcing the Convention of Statesmen, where truth is acknowledged, harsh realities are faced, ideas flourish, solutions are championed, and accountability is king. So do we. 

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