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US Daily Review: Protesting and Trayvon Martin

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Bye Mom, I’m Off to Protest 
Posted on 02 May 2012
By Candace Salima, US Daily Review Contributor

Yesterday, the Occupy Wall Street folks made their way out of their parents’ basements, took the sack lunches their mothers had made, laced up their Nikes and headed into the heart of downtown. They worked themselves into a frenzy, and in Seattle at least, they vandalized and destroyed business after business, putting Washingtonians out of work for the foreseeable future while repairs are made, insurance claims are filed, and business owners struggle to figure out how to keep their doors open.

In New York, they walked down the street protesting…what I’m not sure. They held signs that claimed they were the 99%, but I have to be honest, they don’t look like any 99% I've ever seen. White powder was sent in envelopes to banks and businesses claiming they weren't in charge, “the people” were. -- Read More

Use Your Words!
Posted on 25 April 2012
By Candace Salima, US Daily Review Contributor

Do you remember hearing those words as a child? I do. Anytime I would get so angry I’d resort to violence, I would hear my mother say “use your words.” Looking at the George Zimmerman/Trayon Martin case and the rash of ‘black on white’ attacks we’ve seen across America ever since, these words keep coming back to mind.

From the man walking in Chicago set upon by a gang of black youths “angry about Trayvon Martin,” to those who set upon the young pregnant woman, to the black youth who attacked the white man because he was also so angry about Trayvon Martin. Seriously people, is there any wonder you get shot at? Each of the victims in the above cases would have been well within their constitutionally given rights to pull out a gun and shoot their attackers. -- Read More

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