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Turning the Tide: The Five Series Interview

I've spent the last three weeks, almost exclusively, fighting technology at all levels, trying to get Turning the Tide fully transitioned from BlogTalkRadio to All Fired Up!s new internet station. Sadly, they are not quite ready, but since I'd begun the transition I began looking for alternatives until All Fired Up! was ready to go.

And finally, hallelujah, I am there! Mostly. At least shows are being aired now! You may watch on a variety pages or on your iPhone or Smartphones:

or on this blog

As I've been working the technological quirks out, I interviewed the cast of The Five (on BlogTalkRadio and converted it to video for Livestream, not FoxNews), but five demigods tasked with protecting humanity from those who would destroy them. From their Facebook page I found this description and trailer of the show:

Over 3,000 years ago, Ancient Greece was ruled by beings known as gods. Their superior strength and abilities allowed them to rule mortal man. At first, this was a responsibility that these beings took seriously. Each claimed a stewardship over a part of humanity, a facet of life that they would monitor and maintain. But as time went on, these beings became selfish. As the adoration and worship of the people grew, so did the egos of those known as the gods. By seduction, deceit, or force, many of the gods had children with mortals, blending their DNA and blurring the line between man and deity.

Soon chaos reigned. These powerful beings became spiteful. They turned on one another and used the humans as pawns in their petty games. With no end to the torment in sight, the people of Greece looked to the heroes of legend. Half god and half human, these brave men were all that stood between man and certain destruction. Recognizing what needed to be done, these five men turned against the powerful gods and stripped them of their powers, reducing them to mere mortals. 
In one final act of vengeance, Hera cursed the five to a lifetime of servitude. Their progeny would spend eternity sacrificing for the humans their ancestors had chosen. But, in her zeal and anger, Hera’s curse was more powerful than even she had planned. Instead of only cursing those five who had defied her, Hera cursed every being who had a genetic link to the gods. Throughout time, the offspring of the gods, those genetic hybrids, would clash, good versus evil, right versus wrong, caught between deity and humanity, they would never find genuine happiness or peace. They would be forced to hide their true nature and shun the fame that lured many heroes. 
Today, many of the descendants of that curse gather at the Alpha Omega Fraternity house at Schills University in Athena, Washington. Established over a hundred years ago, the fraternity offers its members camaraderie, brotherhood, and a place to train and hone their special abilities. 
Five current members of the fraternity are more powerful than all the others. Jason, Matthew, Nicolas, Chayton, and Jin have met every challenge life has given them with strength and fortitude. Now, they will come together in an unprecedented gathering of power. With the ability to move things with the mind, fade from one location to another, freeze time, control electricity, and defy gravity, these five men will be a true force for good in the world. 
While the storms of evil rise, these brothers will fight for what they know is right. They will defend mankind against those beings who would once again seek to enslave humanity for their own pleasures. As Hera predicted, they will sacrifice and risk their lives to protect the people who have no knowledge of the danger to their way of life. The Five will be heroes in obscurity, attempting to balance the dual nature of their very essence with living a normal life, all the while hoping that the curse can be broken and that one day they will be free.
Starring: Cy Garrick, Brian Hin, Kyle Fotheringham, and Kai Kamai (one main character yet to be cast. 
Written By: Erin Glines
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