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We Must Unite or We Will Fall

To David Letterman and Brian Williams: The Tea Party movement is about restoring the Republic and Constitution. In other words, anti-big government.

I find it so interesting that a simple statement about what the tea party stands for brings on immediate "Nuh uhs." It is disappointing that we cannot even be united on this one thing without attacking other tea party members.

I know most Libertarians don't mean to be combative, but all the comments posted on my Facebook pages are very much that. I am a conservative American who is also a Republican because I agree with the Republican Platform and believe our party needs to get back to that.

Libertarians tend to think the Constitution doesn't grant the federal government the right to handle immigration. I believe the naturalization clause of Article 1, Section 8 states that very thing. You don't agree with me. That's okay. But you don't get to say I'm wrong. I don't tell you are wrong. I just don't agree with you. You are bright people with a love for the same nation I have a deep love for. You love the Constitution as much as I do, and for that I respect you greatly. However, we don't agree on many aspects of it.

Libertarians often don't understand people who agree with them but don't agree with their far right understandings of the very same things we hold sacred. It seems as if we waste our time arguing over the definition of the word "is" instead of uniting on turning America around and back to the Constitution. It is not going to be an overnight thing. It will take us decades to restore America and only if Americans have the fortitude and perseverance will we accomplish it. I don't know that we will. But I do know this. If we do not educate ourselves, our friends, our neighbors and our children of the following:
  • The divinely inspired U.S. Constitution and its purposes.
  • The true history of the United States of America instead of the revisionist slop being peddled to our schoolchildren.
  • The superiority of a Republic form of government over socialism/fascism/communism.
  • The power and purposes of prayer, both as families and as individuals.
  • The power in working together as families, neighborhoods, communities and nations.
  • The power in good literature.
  • The power of teaching by example our morals and values, in other words, teaching and learning goodness within the family, neighborhood, community and nation.
Can we not simply agree to accomplish these purposes and leave the nitpicking out of the discussion and focus on what we agree on. Because I can assure you with everything in me, if we do not do precisely what I have described above, Reagan's "shining city on a hill and last bastion of liberty" will disappear forever.

I, for one, will not focus on our disagreements, but rather continue to educate, build people up and unify people as much as I can in the common goal of the taking back of America from those who are dismantling it with great speed.

And by "taking back of America," I mean restore the Republic and the U.S. Constitution. No more big government. No more socialism. And certainly no more sliding into communism. Just in case you were too ignorant to get what I meant by that. 

Unite or fall, those are our options.

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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