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Tea Party Express Speaks Out in Defense of Mike Lee

Full Message from Cherilyn Eagar, Former Candidate for US Senate click here: (please read in it's entirety, I only cut some out to make a couple of points)

"My disclosure about the connections between EnergySolutions, the Washington Establishment and its disproportionate interest in the Utah senate race isn't really about Mike v. Tim. It's about exposing Washington corruption... After years of connecting the dots of who's who in DC and how they are connected in this web of special interests, and how even the tea party is being co-opted, and how this web is killing the Constitution, I had to speak out. That is why my campaign slogan was "principles for a change" and that is why I said from Day One as a candidate "Both parties are to blame..." ~ Cherilyn Eagar

My response to this outrageous and misleading statement (I say misleading because it insinuates alot just to make the reader assume there must be corruption where there is not):

Here's a list of "special interest" whom Cherilyn calls "outsiders"

• Tea Party Express
• Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)
• Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
• Senate Conservatives Fund PAC
• Former Senator Rick Santorum
• Mark Levin, radio talk show host, author and political commentator
• Erick Erickson, Editor
• Freedom Works PAC
• Republican Liberty Caucus

Regarding the TPX as an outsider. I'm Director of Operations for the Tea Party Express. I'm a natural born daughter of Utah and my great grandmother came across the plains on a wagon train. Just like Mike Lee, I too served a stateside Spanish speaking mission- which along with our love for the Constitution and drive to protect it, is another thing we have in common.

It's nice to throw around the word "outsider" but truly irrelevant when you have establishment "insiders" like Bennet trying to crown his successor. I understand Cherilyn is politicking... but now she's playing on people's ignorance and insulting the Tea Party movement. First MSNBC attacks the Tea Party movement, now Cherilyn Eagar. If she's right and Jim DeMint is establishment, then we are all in very BIG trouble!

If you can see through the smoke and mirrors of the Bridgewater team and his supporters like Miss Eagar, you will see that Mike Lee IS the true Constitutional conservative and Bridgewater is as establishment as it gets. You will then VOTE Mike Lee for US Senate of Utah AND you will get out there and help him win this election!

Mike Lee is facing a deep-pockets wealthy establishment GOP candidate who made his fortune by gobbling up earmarks, government loans and even TARP bailout funds for the companies he represented. Thus, this race has become a critical test for the power of the tea party movement.

If you don't live in Utah but want to help click here for our phone from home program and pass this on to all your family and friends.

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And here is my addition to this note:

I have been appalled at the tactics of Tim Bridgewater, Cherilyn Eager and Bob Lonsberry as they have united in their efforts to attempt to destroy Mike Lee. However, Mike Lee has remained true to his message. He has called for the U.S. Constitution to be re-established as the rule of law (and apparently I need to add he isn't calling for a return to 1776 because the Constitution has been amended and he accepts those amendments.) He has called for fiscal responsibility, a strong military with clear, concise goals, the federal government being limited to the powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, etc. He has asked his campaign and volunteers to remain above reproach. He's asked that no one speak for Tim Bridgewater and he doesn't want anyone in Bridgewater's camp speaking for him.

This is Mike Lee, a man of honor, integrity, courage and strength. With his working knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, he, along with the coalition of conservatives he's already building, will work to restore common sense, reason and ethics to Washington, D.C. Yeah, I know, that last one is going to be difficult.

As such, I have offered to make phone calls for the TPX in support of Mike Lee. Seriously, is anyone snared by these attacks? And if so, SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE!

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