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Mike Lee: The Coalition Continues to Grow

THE COALITION CONTINUES TO GROW as Mike Lee has already begun keeping one of his campaign promises to build a coalition of conservative senators and congressman who will join him in restoring constitutional government to Washington, D.C.

From Jonathan Reid, Mike Lee's campaign manager.

As election day continues to draw near, our campaign is gaining even more momentum!

Yesterday, we received two major endorsements from nationally recognized Congressmen - Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Ron Paul (R-TX). Both are strong defenders of the Constitution within the House of Representatives.

McClintock said this in his endorsement:

"Utahans need someone who won't simply say no, but who will actively work to turn back the tide of big government. The American people are desperately looking for leaders who will stop taxpayer bailouts, protect individual liberty, reduce taxes and restore Constitutional principles to Washington - Mike Lee is that leader. Sending Mike to the Senate would not only be a victory for Utahans, but for all Americans. "

Ron Paul said this:

"Mike Lee will do the work to fight for lower taxes and spending and for more freedom in Washington. We need people like Mike voting with me in Congress. Mike Lee is a dynamic young leader who understands our Constitution and will fight against out-of-control government to restore our Liberty. Mike has the courage to stand up against the bailouts and government takeovers being forced down our throats by Washington insiders."

In addition to these key endorsements, Mike also received the endorsement from the Tea Party Express. Jeff Moore, David County 9/12 leader had this to say:

“As a grassroots organization we are fighting every day to restore the power to the people of this country. Just getting a new senator from Utah is not enough. We must make certain we have a true conservative we can trust and we believe that trusted conservative is Mike Lee.”

In addition to our list of endorsements from Utah leaders also received national support from , House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX), Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), talk show host Mark Levin and Red State editor Erick Erickson, among many others.

Jonathan Reid
Mike Lee 2010 Campaign Manager


And I will add: Richard Wilkins who has been leading the fight to protect family rights in the UN has also endorsed Mike Lee.

Great article by Deseret News about Mike Lee.

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