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Stephen R. Covey Endorses Mike Lee for U.S. Senate

Covey Cites commitment to Principles as key to effective Senate leadership

June 11, 2010 – Alpine, Utah – Stephen R. Covey, author, speaker, business leader and Utahn has endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Mike Lee. Covey is one of the best known and well-respected business experts in the world with his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People reaching millions worldwide.

In making his endorsement Covey stated, “I have spent my career teaching people the principles of leadership. Mike Lee is the kind of leader I believe the people of Utah want and need. I’ve spent most of my adult life writing about and teaching universal, timeless principles common to every society that prospers and endures. They are common to businesses, governments, and organizations of every kind that prosper and endure—including the home and family. Mike will work to ensure our grandchildren can have the same kinds of opportunities we have had, and more.” He continued, “I have long advocated a return to the principles the founding fathers employed to create the bedrock of liberty here in America. I’ve worked with presidents, senators, and congressmen from both parties, and trained and challenged them to engage with each other in creating third-alternative solutions to our nation’s most significant problems and differences. Few have had the courage and tenacity to actually do it. I am convinced Mike has the vision, commitment and character to lead out in restoring those principles to Congress and to our country.”

Mike Lee commented, “I am thrilled to receive the support and endorsement of Stephen Covey. He is an extraordinary leader who has influenced millions of individuals, organizations and families by teaching them the power that comes from following timeless principles.” Then concluded, “I am striving to do with the principles of the Constitution and government what Stephen has done with the principles of leadership and personal effectiveness. True values and principles never change and they provide us with necessary balance and moral bearings.”

Lee continues to garner support from leaders from all walks of life and business both locally and nationally. His most recent ads include endorsements from former Congressman Jim Hanson, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and former Governor Norm Bangerter. Other endorsement include South Carolina Senator Jim Demint, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, radio personality Mark Levin and prominent Utah CEOs and business leaders among many others. See for more.

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