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TAKE BACK UTAH Endorses Mike Lee

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Contact: Michael Swenson
Take Back Utah!

Take Back Utah Organization
backs Mike Lee for U.S. Senate

Official Endorsement

SANDY, UTAH - June 19, 2010 - Take Back Utah (TBU), an active organization in the effort to gain more local control of public land and restore common sense to public land management, has approved a measure to officially endorse Mike Lee in his run for the U.S. Senate.

"This decision came with serious discussion and thought," said Michael Swenson TBU co-founder and current board member. Swenson went on to say, "We have met with both Republican candidates and the decision was not easy; but after much discussion we are firmly of the belief that of the two candidates Mike Lee is best equipped to address the serious issues facing public land management in Utah."

With years of experience dealing with elected officials and government agencies, Swenson said he had never meet a more well versed individual in the legal issues regarding public land use policy, road ownership, and constitutional principles. "Mike Lee is needed urgently," continued Swenson. "Our federal government is out of control. Access to public land is quickly becoming an endangered species. We must take back control of Utah and America. Mike Lee is the man for the job. His legal knowledge, passion, commitment, specific strategies, and persuasive skills are critical in accomplishing the reform needed. Washington is overrun with rabid liberal attorneys. They control much of the way the game is played. We must send our own conservative legal scholar if we hope to play in that league. To send anyone less will guarantee we cannot achieve the reform needed."

Take Back Utah encourages all those who want to see more local control of public land for multiple uses to please vote in the Republican Primary this upcoming Tuesday, June 22nd. Both candidates are fine men, but the better candidate to represent the citizens of our great state is Mike Lee.

For more information on your local polling location and other voter info please visit The State Election Office website at

For more Info on Mike Lee's candidacy visit his website at

Also tune into the television show "At Your Leisure" to see a public land use debate between Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater. The show airs tonight (Saturday June 19) and tomorrow morning (Sunday June 20). You can find viewing times and channels as well as watch the debate via the web at

Take Back Utah is an official newly incorporated organization. We held our first event August 2009. The Take Back Utah Capitol Parade and Rally in which around 4,000 individuals attended to protest excessive harmful control and mismanagement of public land in Utah. TBU's goal is to ensure public land is managed for a wide variety of users and uses. We unite a broad spectrum of citizens from livestock operators, recreationists, sportsmen, resource and energy developers, rural and urban citizens. We focus our efforts to support other organizations and like minded government officials to create reform and change in the way public land is used and accessed. We also specialize in the planning and execution of large rallies to draw attention to these critical issues. Stay tuned for more info on another capitol parade and rally scheduled for August 28, 2010.

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