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Mike Lee Emerges as the Winner in the Utah Republican Primary

Last night, Alvin and I were privileged to join Mike Lee, his campaign staff, friends and families, as we watched the results pour in. Mike handled the entire evening with grace, the grace I have seen in him throughout the entire campaign. Utah elected a good, strong man last night to represent the Republican party in the November 2nd elections. We were so happy for him, for Utah and for America. However, the next phase of the election begins:

I am reading all over the place how awful the Mike Lee campaign and volunteers were. Really? Because I have not worked with a more devoted, honest, wonderful group of people in many, many years. Yesterday when I voted and I selected Mike Lee's name it was the first time I'd voted for a candidate without the slightest hesitation. I ask Republicans across the state to stop attacking Mike, and misguided attacks at that, and ask me any and all questions you may have. I will promise to give honest and straightforward answers as I have always have.

There is no place for vicious attacks, spreading misinformation and generally misbehaving at this critical time in our nation's history. We must unite behind the cause of restoring constitutional government to Washington, D.C. If we become frayed at this point we stand a very real danger of losing the entire battle for the restoration of the Republic. Mike Lee is a good, honest man who maintained integrity throughout the entire campaign. While no one can contain the fringe element of any campaign, Mike continually asked his campaign staff and volunteers to stay above the fray and respond with kindness and fact.

It was hard for most of us as Mike was unjustly attacked on many levels from many quarters. Those of us who worked with him know him to be a very good man uniquely qualified to lead us into this next phase of American history. The phase where America rose up and said, "Enough is enough. We gave you your shot and you betrayed us. Now we're sending in men like Mike Lee to straighten out the mess you've created."

With Mike's constitutional background, his career of defending the constitutional rights of his clients, his deep and abiding love of the Constitution, the Republic, history and clear understanding of how we can get America back on track, no matter how hard, Mike will be a fabulous senator. And he knows we will hold his feet to the fire. Please, lose the bias created in you by misguided individuals and look at the man that all of us have come to know and respect.

Read Mike's blog about last night here.

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Mike Lee Emerges as the Winner in the Utah Republican Primary Mike Lee Emerges as the Winner in the Utah Republican Primary Reviewed by Candace Salima on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Rating: 5