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Mike Lee: A Moment of Truth on Immigration

The Constitution makes clear that the federal government is responsible for making and enforcing laws governing immigration. The federal government has dropped the ball in this regard, allowing -- and in some instances even encouraging -- tens of millions of people to enter our borders illegally. Congress needs to fix this problem by:
  • Mandating and enforcing the denial of federal and state welfare benefits to illegal immigrants;
  • Investing in the technology, personnel, and physical infrastructure necessary to secure the southern border;
  • Enforcing existing immigration laws;
  • Improving and promoting the use of E-Verify--a nationwide immigration--status verification system designed to enable employers to ascertain quickly and accurately whether would-be employees are authorized to work in the United States;
  • Clarifying the original intent of the Citizenship Clause through legislation specifying that children born to illegal-alien parents in the United States are not entitled to automatic citizenship; and
  • Making clear that illegal aliens will not receive amnesty in any form, and must return to their own countries before applying for a U.S. visa.
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