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Register to Vote Republican

Here's a heads up for everyone:

If you are not registered as a Republican before May 22nd (30 days before election), no matter how much you like Mike Lee, you will not be able to vote for him. So please print out the voter registration form I've linked to, fill it out and get it straight to your county clerk's office. Please, take care of it this week. It's that important.

Please repost this on FB across the state of Utah please. Spread the word across the state. Writer letters to the editor of your local paper, post it on your blogs, tweet about it, tell everyone you know. Get Republicans registered across the state.)

June 22, 2010 is the Republican primary. This is one of the most critical primaries in the United Stated. And make no mistake about it, the eyes of the nation are on Utah. This is our chance to do what we know is right. June 22nd is when we will either send a strong conservative, Mike Lee, to represent us at the polls in November, or Tim Bridgewater whose more progressive.

Learn more about Mike Lee at And if you like what learn, please contact me via email and volunteer to help Mike win in the next 5 weeks.

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