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Mike Lee: A Moment of Truth on the Military

Mike Lee's Stance on Military Operations:

"Our troops should only be placed in harm's way to eliminate military targets -- i.e., situations that present a clear and present threat to our national security. The brave men and women who protect our freedoms should be brought home as soon all such targets have been destroyed or neutralized and after local forces have been trained sufficiently to protect their own land from further incursion.

"When it comes to Afghanistan and the military, I stand with a group of individuals like Glenn Beck and Congressman Jason Chaffetz who share similar positions, support our military, and are asking the hard questions on strategy. We must ensure that our service men and women have everything they need to succeed -- from equipment and technology to a clear mission, with mandated rules of engagement which will position them to win so they can return home as swiftly as possible." ~ Mike Lee

And from military veterans themselves:

"There have been many out-of-context references to statements made by Mike Lee regarding Afghanistan. As a group of former military servicemen, we would like to take a moment and set the record straight. Quite frankly, Mike is right.

"As history in Vietnam bears out, when reasons for a war are allowed to deteriorate through the mechanism of politicians and media bias, no matter how long we stay in a country, we will not come out victorious. We cannot deviate from the job of quickly neutralizing any threat to our national security. By executing a focused set of military objectives, we will send a potent message of strength in order to deter repetition of past offenses; we must not fall into the trap of "Nation Building to American specifications." Unless we execute a clear military strategy with proper rules of engagement, we will leave behind countries who hate our interference and perceive us as arrogant."

N Co 75th Infantry Army Rangers Vietnam, Brigade Command Sergeant Major (ret), James E. Slade
Sergeant First Class (ret) Korea, Joe Hagan
Command Sergeant Major (ret) Richard DeWolf
Command Sergeant Major (ret) Sid Cardon
Command Sergeant Major (ret) Joe Spencer
Command Sergeant Major (ret) Blake Wride

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