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A Man of Principles, Integrity and Honor: Mike Lee

Mike Lee is a man of principles, integrity, honor and courage. He is not afraid to stand up against power and call it what it is. He is not afraid to take on anyone. He has proven this time and time again. He does not waver. He does not compromise his values. He does not lie. He does not distort.

He loves and knows the U.S. Constitution inside and out. His message has been clear, concise and constant. He has spent his entire adult career defending the U.S. Constitution and the constitutional rights of Americans. He is devoted to his wife and children. God, family and country are everything to him.

Popular or not, he has always stood for what is right. And THIS is the man other candidates have attacked at every turn. THIS is the man Bob Lonsberry doesn't like. And THIS is the man who gave me hope that America's future could be bright as we work to restore constitutional government to America. This is not a talking point for Mike, it is what he has done with every case he has taken.

He's not afraid to take on the job just because it's hard. And has real world solutions for the problems we face in America today.

Why is this a problem for anyone? Seriously? I really want to know.

It is my hope and prayer that Utah state delegates choose wisely this Saturday. It is my hope they eschew the attack ads, literature and vitriol of people supporting other candidates. It is my hope that at the conclusion of the state convention on Saturday we have a candidate who did not stoop to dirty politics and stayed above the fray. That candidate who has stayed on topic, stayed on target, who has not compromised his values ... and that is Mike Lee.

I have no hesitation in trusting Mike Lee to do what he has promised to do. He signed the Contract from America. He has asked to be held to three vital priorities:
Repeal and Defund Obamacare – My first priority will be to begin to reverse course on the government takeover of our health care system. I commit to you that I will use my lifetime of experience to apply both the Constitution and the law to repeal this ill-advised and ill-gotten bill. This includes legal action on one hand and strategies to defund its implementation on the other. I will work tirelessly to help defeat Obamacare and replace it with real reform which protects individual and states' rights while providing free-market solutions to reduce costs, drive competition, and ensure Americans have the best and most affordable health care solutions in the world.

Balanced Budget Amendment – We can no longer afford to have the federal government spending us into oblivion. It must stop. I commit to drive a balanced budget amendment through the Senate with the requisite two-thirds vote majority it requires. We can, we must, and we will get the government to function like the majority of states in the country and like you and I and countless Americans do in our businesses and families – with a balanced budget.

Lasting Entitlement Reform – Unfunded entitlements continue to drain our economy and weaken our nation. From Social Security to Medicare and Medicaid and other programs, we simply cannot continue to push off until tomorrow the difficult decisions of today. These reforms will take time to implement so as to protect those currently in the system who must be held harmless. We must, however, begin today to do what needs to be done to transform the many and massive federal government entitlement programs and push them to where they constitutionally belong – the states. I will lead that charge beginning on my first day in office.
And I intend to subject Mike Lee to the same scrutiny I apply to Congress now. It is the responsibility of every American citizen to watch our elected officials carefully and to let them know when we don't agree. It is the responsibility of every American citizen to elect good, wise men and women into office. Wisdom does not equate with age, sadly. It comes from living life and learning from it. Mike Lee has done this. He is 38-years old and anxious to restore the constitutional debate in Congress bringing us back to a Madisonian approach, rather than the Hamiltonian approach we have taken.

I ask you, if you are a state delegate in Utah, to exercise your ballot wisely and cast your vote for Mike Lee on Saturday.

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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