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Senator Bob Bennett Out: Challengers Go to Primary

As one of those 3,452 delegates who voted Senator Bob Bennett out today, let me be clear. I agreed with less than 50% of Senator Bennett's votes. It is not a tea party anger that drove me. It is the demand that those men and women representing me in Washington, D.C. and locally, hold to the same conservative values I hold.

Bob Bennett said on our local news 2 or 3 months ago "People should be careful about holding public officials to their oath of office because the Constitution has many, many interpretations." My jaw hit the ground because I simply couldn't believe the words came out of his mouth. But they did, because I rewound my DVR and listened to him say it again.

When constituents called his office they were treated with contempt and our voices were no longer heard.

The longer Bennett served, the more liberal he became. In Utah, we hold our candidates to a high standard, and many more people, more than ever, are paying attention now. Because of this, Senator Orrin Hatch, as nice a man as he is, will face a similar challenge when his turn comes.

In Utah we are highly informed voters. We know what we want and that is a constitutional government restored to Washington, D.C. Those who cannot get behind this goal of the people of Utah will no longer represent us in Washington, D.C.

On June 22nd, my candidate of choice, Mike Lee faces off with progressive Republican Tim Bridgewater. It is a choice of conservative vs. progressive here in Utah. It is my belief, Utah will choose the conservative candidate and that is Mike Lee.

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