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Obama's Stimulus Package vs. My Stimulus Package

So this lovely little Trojan Horse Obama's pushing on the American people is now up to a whopping $887 billion dollars and it's still being voted on in the House of Representatives. It's supposed to climb even more, because well, there wasn't enough fat in the bill when Obama delivered it to the House, so they had to add their pork and then the Senate will add their pork, damn pigs, and deliver an addition $1 trillion dollars in debt to the American people.

And I found some other items being funded by this stimulus package. Remember ACORN? The amoral, unethical organization which is being investigated in numerous states for voter fraud, being accused of extortion and more? Yeah, $4.19 billion of the $887 is going to ACORN. I'm enraged and stunned. $650 million to digital television conversions. $400 million to global warming research. Has anyone taken a look outside? Has anyone looked to history and realized that climate is a cyclical thing which is following the same cycle it has for millennia? Are we living in the Twilight Zone? Is someone going to yell PSYCH! We're just kidding. We know this won't stimulate anything but more criminal activity.

When will the insanity stop. Let's stop and consider this for a moment. When you are dealing with your own budget, have you found spending yourself into oblivion being successful? Ever? Of course not. Economics is economics and 2 plus 2 will ALWAYS equal 4. So I'm not sure what it says about American politicians that they've lost understanding of this very simple math. So simple even I can figure it out, which is saying something. I hate math! And even I know that the governments answer to the current economic crisis is doomed to failure. Increasing the growth of the federal government in every aspect of our lives and hasten the dwindling Constitutional rights of the American people.

So I came up with my own stimulus package. I mean shoot, a 5-year-old could do a better job then the politicians are. I'm 45, so mine just has to be better:

Point One: Pull back aid from every country in the world. We can't even pay our own debts, we have no more money to give out. Time to all due all the loans we have administered to countries around the world. I mean, hey, they supposedly all hate us now anyway. No sense in paying them to hate us.

Point Two: Shut down the useless government agencies who do nothing but bring harm to the American people. As an example, some programs I would shut down are the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture (leave the farmers alone to grow their product and sell it to their fellow citizens. The government got involved and our farmers have been in trouble ever since), The Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Point Three: Revamp Welfare to pattern itself after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' welfare program. If you can't do that, junk the thing. Make people go back to work.

Point Four: Distribute the $887 billion as follows:

$100 billion to support the development of America's resources and end our dependence on foreign oil. Remove the obstacles to development of shale oil, oil, coal, wind, electric and other current and future sources of energy. This would produced millions of jobs.

$200 billion to the U.S. Military so that they be adequately armed and protected, development of technology and weapons, etc.

$300 billion to establish a single department which will purchase mortgages with exorbitant rates and allow hard-working Americans, not illegals but Americans, to have their mortgage payments reduced to a reasonable amount with the interest remaining low and a portion of interest and late fees paying into Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

$287 billion made available in low interest loans to small business owners and corporations, who show exactly what will be done with the money and follow suit, to increase their businesses.

That's it! Nothing else. No pork. No pet projects. No baseball diamonds, gardens, lawns or anything else. If the states want these things, then they must work their budgets accordingly and handle it. Even if it means the governor is out mowing the lawn!

So that's it. That's what I would do with the $887 billion. And when the Senate adds $113 billion to the tab, I'd throw that at energy development. The funds that quit pouring out of the country, the increase of profits from energy and the payment of outstanding loans will be used to hammer away at the debt. NAFTA will be stopped cold. It's harming the U.S. economy more than it is helping. Holy cow, turn me loose on Washington to knock some heads together and get some things done. Better yet, let's impeach Obama and his Veep and put Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin in charge. America will be whipped into shape in no time at all and reason will reign once again.

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