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Obama the Destroyer is Back at it Again

Today, Barack Obama's, the erstwhile president of the United States of America, puppet Ken Salazar, canceled several oil leases in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming today. Determined to utterly destroy any and all hope America has of freeing itself from energy independence, he is following through with his campaign threat to stop all production of oil in the U.S. He did it. During that same campaign, he specifically said he thought $8/gal gas in America was reasonable, but that it couldn't be raised quickly as it had been during the campaign. It had to be increased incrementally. Self-aggrandizing jackass.

Had those leases moved forward, billions of dollars would have poured into the Utah, Wyoming and Colorado economies, enabling us to stabilize our economies and tell the federal government to take a hike. In addition, tremendous amounts of jobs would have been created. Monies would have been provided through free capitalism to fund research and development of alternative energies. You know, cars that can drive longer than hour. But Obama and the environmentalists are determined to eradicate mankind as a whole, you know, so the trees can grow in peace. Freaks.

At the time, I believe Obama said anyone who wanted to mine coal or for shale oil was going to be driven into bankruptcy. And he's following through on that promise. Way to go Obama. Pander to the select few and abuse the majority of hard-working Americans trying desperately to provide the very basics for their families. Oh yeah, there's stimulating the economy. Good job.

Yesterday, or was it the day before, Obama lifted the ban on U.S. funds paying for abortions south of the border, specifically Mexico. Of course, I am vehemently opposed to abortion while Obama embraces it with arms wide open. So I guess there's no surprise there. Just what we need, to send more money out of the country specifically targeted to the killing of babies. Brilliant.

Obama nominated three, count 'em THREE, people for cabinet positions, including Secretary of the Treasury, who haven't paid their income taxes. Oh, and this one is rich! Obama tapped a porn lawyer, lawyer who defends porn against litigation, for the #2 spot in the Justice Department. Here's a snippet from a news article on the matter:

A conservative legal scholar is raising red flags about President Obama's pick for deputy attorney general -- namely his reliance on foreign law to interpret the U.S. Constitution. The nominee has also been characterized as a 'porn lawyer' and a 'hired gun' for the ACLU.

Heritage Foundation fellow Steven Groves is urging the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask Deputy Attorney General-nominee David W. Ogden some pointed questions on Thursday regarding his views on constitutional interpretation.

In the meantime, Obama keeps pushing the senate to pass his Trojan Horse masquerading as a stimulus bill, which will stimulate NOTHING but the increased growth of the federal government and still leave American citizens floundering in this increasingly failing economy. You know, the one Obama said he was going to turn around. But it's politics as usual in Washington, D.C. In fact, it is SO "politics as usual" that Obama is repeating the mistakes of the past and whistling merrily while doing so. Dumas' warning "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" zips over his genius head while he blindly pursues paths which will guarantee the destruction of America.

Check out Obama's Presidential Actions to date. Nothing contributes to economy. Nothing to help troubled Americans. Nothing, nothing, nothing. He's just playing at being president and leader of the free world. God help us all. What have we wrought?

The government is going to soulless, amoral, greedy, dishonest bastards to "lead us out of dangerous economic times". Didn't Obama promise CHANGE? Didn't he swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and yet, he taps people who mock and cast aspersions upon that sacred document? So much for his promise to unite America for a brighter future. The future is looking pretty damn dim from this angle.

How long before Americans realize what they've done and rise up against this pretender, Barack Obama?

If Obama and his syncophants want my respect, and the respect of my fellow Americans, then he must earn it. All he's done since taking office is insure that I will NEVER respect him for the idiotic and dangerous decisions he is making.
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