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Obama, Destroyer of the American Dream

I've had occasion to communicate with many people about their hopes for the future. They had worked hard of the years, paid their dues and have come to the point where they are ready to launch their own businesses. Moving right along on the path to the American Dream. There are businesses licenses, tax IDs, taxes, corporate paperwork, marketing plans, distribution, charts, projections, budgets . . . it goes on and on, but the big overwhelming fear now? Barack Obama, with his planned policies, making it virtually impossible for any new small business to succeed. With Obama and Congress' plan for "tax and spend" to the millionth power, I can't see how any of us can make a new business survive.

In one election cycle, and the beginning of an historic presidency (which has nothing to do with his capabilities, policies or politics and is based solely on the color of his skin. Huh. I'm pretty sure that's what we were all trying to get away from, but I digress,) he has managed to destroy what has been in place since the inception of this nation. If you're willing to work hard enough, persevere, adapt and adjust, you can have your own business, in one way or another. But now, with everything Obama wants to put in place the taxes and insurances he's demanding all employers carry, he is insuring the death of the American dream. Oddly, no one seems to care . . . except those of us who were finally in the position to take all we've learned and put it to work for us. Yeah, we're noticing that the future isn't looking so bright.

With all that said, and with the firm belief that Barack Obama, despite all he has learned from the NSA and other intelligence agencies since he was elected, will utterly and completely destroy the American dream in its entirety, I think we've still got some time.

We have time to get all our ducks in a row and plan for the future. Meaning, with the hand we've been played, an Obama presidency, what do you need to do to make things work now? Perhaps scale back your operations, consider the different options available to you and reevaluate your plans. Or, figure into your budget the massive amount of taxes which will be levied upon the American businessman and woman, and consider a different plan of attack.

Do I have the answers? No, I don't. But at least Barack hasn't hidden what he wants to do. 52.9% of the American people chose communism over democracy. It was a horrifying realization that so many chose Obama because of some useless reason, completely ignoring his politics and plans for America. Still, we do know what he wants to do, what he wants to destroy and build up to suit his own purposes. With the sheer stupidity of 52.9% of the American people, they will never be able to say when they are complete shock, that he didn't tell us the truth.

So we take the truth and we plan accordingly. Sit down, map it out. Consider the threats he's made American businesses and work your away around it. I can assure, we, as a whole, are much smarter than he is. Charm and charisma only get you so much., they tend to wear thin after extended exposure. By the time that 52.9% of Americans catch on to his game you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of them. Don't feel bad about, there are thousands like me, even millions, who tried to warn them, they just wouldn't listen.

Also, this is a good time to stop and restructure your personal budget. No more living on credit and above your means. President Hinckley warned us repeatedly to get of debt, live within our means, plan for tough times. He was ignored by a large percentage of the Church, but oddly enough, I would bet they are paying attention now. Put aside food, money and supplies for a rainy day, even a string of rainy days. You will rarely have advanced warning of sudden health issues, job changes, financial difficulties, disaster wrought upon us by Mother Nature . . . being prepared is simply a wise decision.

Consider a failing economy, be observant about what's going on around us. Figure out what people need now, not the people who lived lives of excess which are coming to a grinding halt, and consider a need that you can fill. Make your plan and then execute it.

While he destroys, you can build. It won't be as easy as it once was, but I believe, despite Obama's machinations, we can still pursue those dreams. We just have to look a little more, work a little harder and never, never say die.
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