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A Public Recognition and Calling Out on the Sanctity of Marriage

I have not seen Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists or others who stood shoulder to shoulder defending the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman committing acts of terrorism. I have seen those who oppose the traditional definition of marriage commit acts of vandalism, hate and terrorism.

The "hate" messages posted on this blog and another blog I manage, from the gay and lesbian community have been foul, hateful, and at this point, from this moment on, I will be turning them over to the police. We have a right in America to stand and be counted, that counting takes place at polling places across the nation. In this instance, Proposition 8 was passed by a majority of the vote in California on November 4th.

Gays and Lesbians have attacked elderly women. Women weeping as they attempted to pull hateful signs from the fence and gate of the Los Angeles Mormon temple were also attacked. White powder was mailed to the Los Angeles and Salt Lake City Mormon temples, as well as the Knights of Columbus. Vandalism, defacing of personal property, death threats and more . . . all because the people spoke and it wasn't what the gay/lesbian community wanted to hear.

The proponents of the traditional definition of marriage have remained calm, civil and peaceful in the face of all this hate which has only caused massive frothing at the mouth on behalf of the gay/lesbian community.

This is America. We use the political process. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In California, Arizona and Florida, it worked. In 40 U.S. states the people have spoken and defined marriage as between one man and one woman. The people spoke and yet the homosexual community, less than 1% of this nation, have continued to indulge in criminal activity, largely unchecked by those in law enforcement. Although, I must issue thank you's to those officers who defended the LA temple. But now, the other side has gone too far and the individual or individuals who mailed those envelopes will, easily, face terrorism charges, and they should. It was their intention to terrify . . . sorry, this country isn't under Sharia law . . . we don't work that way here.

You have not furthered your cause at all, but have only hindered it. You are now seen as criminals who are willing to go to any length to rob others of their right to vote. You are now seen as hateful, violent and as terrorists. Nice job.

Thank you to all stood for the traditional definition of marriage. For your time, your efforts - even in the face of fear - your money and your diligence. Thank you to the many religions who stood to be counted in the eyes of God. Thank you for continuing to defend those being attacked by the gay and lesbian community. You will never know how deeply my heart has been touched by your actions and words.

The battle is not over. Already cases are making their way through the courts to overthrow the will of the people a second time in California. We must not rest. We have so much to do. We must take America back from the "gimme, gimme, gimme" crowd while defending the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

Those of you in the Los Angeles area, I ask you to please drop by the El Coyote restaurant and give this brave, persecuted woman as much business as you can. She is being harassed, picketed and her business is suffering due to the actions of these criminals.

The gay/lesbian community has determined to drive all proponents of Prop 8 who own businesses, out of business. I am disgusted by their behavior. While sympathetic at one point to the gay/lesbian cause, I have now firmly shut off all sympathy and can now only lable them as terrorists and thugs. Now, many of you may say there are homosexuals not indulging in this behavior. Where is your voice? Where is your outrage? Where is your plea for civility. I haven't heard it from any gays or lesbians, so I must assume that the entire community, collectively, agrees with these monstrous tactics.

Also, to all who support the traditional definition of marriage, or deplore the criminal and Gestapo activities of the gay and lesbian community, please go to and give her a good rating. The homosexual community is writing all sorts of lies and fabrications about the business and its owner and giving her a consistent 1 star rating. Please counteract this harassment with the truth! From all I've heard, this restaurant is fantastic. Let's let the truth be known.
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