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I'll admit, people I know telling me they are going to vote for Barack Obama literally stuns me. It is my guess they have not thoroughly researched his voting record nor listened to what he really says. But I could be wrong, they could believe a communist America is the answer.

I couldn't more vehemently disagree. I support the McCain/Palin ticket and that is who will get my vote in November. I've read and heard many people say they will not state who they are voting for in the presidential election. Huh, I admit I'm puzzled by that but do respect the American right to privacy.

This is what I ask of the readers of my blog, study the stances of both candidates. I can assure you, I have. I am a staunch defender of the American Constitution and believe that our founding fathers acted under divine inspiration when creating that Constitution. I believe the nation they founded is worth defending to the death and that we shouldn't easily dismiss so great a foundation which has inspired more than 80 constitutions across the world. I believe democracy delivered in the vehicle of a republic to be the best, bar none, form of government in the world. And yet, I wholeheartedly agree with one of our founding fathers who said that this government, Constitution, is wholly unsuitable for a less than moral people.

If we hope to save this nation from those who would destroy it, we must first look to ourselves and stand for that we know to be right. Barack Obama wants to destroy this nation, for there is no either way to accomplish what he chooses to accomplish with a democratic form of government. John McCain has proven with blood and unquestioning courage that he will fight for America and the Constitution. Do I agree with everything he has done? No, I don't. Do I believe he loves the Constitution of the United States of America, and will fight to keep America strong? Oh yes, I do believe that.

Sarah Palin is a woman of honor. John McCain is a man of courage. Together they are a force to be reckoned with and will lead this nation in a more correct course than Barack Obama. Our jobs? To stay on top of every aspect of the federal government. If the president, the Senate or the House tries to do something contrary to freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution is our job to stand up and be counted. We must call, email, fax, demanding they listen and do as they agreed to do, represent the citizens of the United States of America. If we don't stand up and be heard, then the situation America is currently in will only get worse. If we hope to turn it around, you must vote for the candidate that will keep America safe. And then, if the electoral college votes contrary to the people then you must turn to your own political party, for they are they ones who select the electors. If you don't like the turnout of the election then go after your party and replace them, wholesale, until our elected officials and electoral college understand they serve the citizens of America, we do not serve them.

If you are not registered to vote, you must register in the next 14 days and make sure that registration gets to your local Elections Office.

Reagan said, "Freedom is always one generation from extinction." It is our turn to stand for America
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