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The 16 Lies Joe Biden Told

Biden did not have a good night against Sarah Palin in the one and only Vice-Presidential debate the other night. Yes, I know the liberal pundits and media are having a blast trying to say she showed no knowledge, whatsoever, of anything . . . and I have to wonder, did they watch the same debate I watched?

Now, I will admit, Sarah did mistakenly call General David D. McKiernan, McClellan, which she apologized, most profusely, for the next day. But Senator Biden, it's a miracle his sprayed on tan nose didn't grow a couple of feet that night:

According to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, the McCain/Palin campaign, Anne Coulter and the New York Post, here are the outright lies Senator Biden spewed upon the American people the night of the Vice-Presidential debate:

From the New York Post
4 October, 2008
"The Lies Biden Told"
New York Post Editorial

For all the focus on Sarah Palin's graceful performance in Thursday's vice presidential showdown, a more significant spectacle was taking place behind the other rostrum.

That's where Joe Biden, speaking with the pompous self-importance befitting his 36 years in the Senate, told one baffling fib after another.

Some, of course, were just Biden being Biden. He smeared Dick Cheney as "the most dangerous vice president we've had probably in American history."

To which we must take specific offense: After all, the founder of this newspaper, Alexander Hamilton, was killed in a duel by then-Vice President Aaron Burr. (Certainly Burr was a better shot than Cheney.)

But that's a matter of opinion.

Not so, some other Biden gems:

Lie: It's "simply not true" that Barack Obama said he'd meet Iran's president without preconditions, Biden insisted.

Fact: Yet when Obama was asked if he would in a debate during the primaries, he said yes - a position Biden back then termed "naive."

Lie: Biden said he's "always supported" clean-coal technology -

Fact: After stating emphatically only last month, "We're not supporting clean coal."

Lie: Biden asserted - repeatedly - that the US spends more money on three weeks' combat in Iraq than it's spent in Afghanistan since the war began.

Fact: That claim's only remotely intelligible if he limits Afghan expenditures merely to US rebuilding efforts - and even then, he's off by a factor of three, according to State Department numbers.

Lie: Also on Afghanistan, Biden insisted - repeatedly - that "our commanding general in Afghanistan said the surge principle in Iraq will not work" there.

Fact: That may not be an out-and-out lie, but it took supposed foreign-policy neophyte Sarah Palin to bring any context or nuance to the statement.

What Gen. David McKiernan had said was that tribal realities in Afghanistan are very different than in Iraq - requiring a different form of cooperation.

But he flatly said more troops, and more local engagement, are needed.

Sounds like a surge to us.

Lie: Then there was what might have been the biggest head-scratcher of the night. Said Biden of the Bush administration's supposed Middle East follies:

"When . . . along with France, we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said and Barack said, 'Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don't, Hezbollah will control it."

Fact: Huh?

Assuming that Biden was referring to when, in 2005, American and French pressure helped the Lebanese people kick Syrian troops out of Lebanon, who ever thought NATO occupation of that deeply divided country was a good idea?

As if America's NATO allies would have gone in the first place.

But hey, as long as it makes Biden sound presidential.

At some point, Americans have to wonder: Is this a fellow who should be a heartbeat away from the White House?

(Words "Fact" and "Lie" added. Text of article was changed in no way.)

End New York Post Editorial

Hmmm. Governor Palin didn't attack Biden on the stances and records of the Obama/Biden ticket as much as she should have. Biden gave her so much ammunition that she could have obliterated him. Instead, she spoke directly to the American people and spoke from her heart. She proved her knowledge of foreign affairs, energy issues (her strength), taxes and a number of other issues. She stated, "Enough was enough," and that it was time for the government to get out of the way of the American citizen and let us thrive.

This is what it boils down, both sides are claiming their man/woman one. I'm siding with the Republicans on that one. Sarah Palin won, hands down.

And really, I'm not kidding, Sarah Palin is who made the difference for me in this election. I have faith in her. I trust that she will stand for the American people. I believe she will work on John McCain until he comes to understand the necessity of drilling in ANWR and keeping things moving for a brighter America. So, that would be another the Democrats got wrong. I've heard them say, ad nauseum, that Sarah Palin makes no difference in this election or to Republicans. Wow, hard to see how they could get that so incredibly wrong.

She is the champion of the conservative Republican who believes in the sanctity of human life, the right to keep and bear arms, the necessity of small federal government and states' rights. She is who has energized us. She's helped us to see Senator McCain through different eyes. Do I agree with him on everything? No, I don't. But to be frank, Barack Obama terrifies me because I do not believe in a communist America of his vision. I do not believe we are a terrorist and racist nation. I do not believe America is evil.

I believe in the goodness of the American people and our military.

I believe this land was preserved and prepared for the restoration of the Kingdom of God.

I believe the constitution of the United States of America to be divinely inspired and uniquely designed to govern only a "wholly moral people", as was stated by John Adams, I believe. If the constitution is no longer for you, what does that say about you?

I believe people should live up to their rights, responsibilities and privileges as Americans.

I believe that if the good people of this nation do not stand up, shake off the apathy which has held them down, and speak for truth and righteousness, we are lost.

I also believe, with my entire heart and soul, this nation will be preserved. Through all her enemies, both inside and outside her borders, through her economic unrest, through all America now faces, I believe she will prevail. If her people will stand and defend this nation as she was established and founded, we will have continued prosperity. If we do not . . . we are lost.
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