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Candace E. Salima Signed to Speakers Bureau

Riverton, Utah, October 10, 2008 -- (PROVO, UT.) - Sublime Expressions, LLC, announces the addition of best-selling author and political activist, Candace E. Salima to their stellar line-up of public speakers and motivators.

Ms. Salima, who has appeared on the Phil Donahue Show, brings a unique blend of experience, talent and drive to the speaker's bureau. Whether from her stint as a campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate or doing medical research on the effects of oregano oil on the human body, to writing a best-selling romance-suspense novel or documenting the memoirs and athletic accomplishments of collegiate football national champions, Ms. Salima is sure to deliver her message with conviction and wit.

Her nationally rated blog Dream a little dream, is renowned for her conservative political stand. Ms. Salima has garnered praise from the likes of U.S. Congressman Chris Cannon and Utah State Senator Brad Daw. Likewise, she has drawn the ire of her liberal audience. Her dedicated readers call her "remarkable", "unapologetic", "uplifting" and a "defender of the American way".

Ms. Salima speaks passionately on literacy; an issue she believes must be addressed and championed if we are to be a successful nation. She also shares powerful and poignant experiences on pursuing one's dreams through resilience and hard work.

Candace E. Salima can be booked for speaking engagements by contacting Doug Johnston at Sublime Expressions, LLC (801) 556-4404 or

About Candace E. Salima

Author of five books, Candace E. Salima's journey in writing began at age 11 when she started writing original stories because she was bored in school. Her writing skills improved through English and Creative Writing classes, but when she enrolled at Ricks College in Rexburg, ID she made the decision to study Criminal Justice.

She took a Creative Writing class from Professor Dorla Jenkins and within weeks changed her major from Criminal Justice to Creative Writing. She focused her energies on honing her screenwriting skills with intention of writing and producing movies. She learned the ins and outs of the movie business while writing multiple screenplays.

She met with investors from all over the world and ultimately chose one set that she was comfortable with. While waiting for the money to come through, Candace decided to write a book and see what happened . . . five books later she is now a best-selling author, partner in a production company and well sought-after speaker.

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About Sublime Expressions

Sublime Expressions is a Public Relations company based in Riverton, Utah that enables authors, musicians, speakers and businesses get their word out. You can find more about Sublime Expressions at or calling us at (801)556-4404.


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