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America's Viewpoint: Tennesse

Do you not find it horrifically alarming that Obama had the American Flag removed from his plane when he had it refurbished and repainted and replaced it with his own red, white, and blue symbol, his symbol of 'change'? Do you not see the writing on the wall here? That the American Flag representing ALL of us as we know it will cease to exist? That his new singular symbol will become the new flag of this ʽnew world citizenʼ president and OUR country? Because America, as we have known it for generations, as our parents who lawfully came from other countries, who were survivors of concentration camps and the horrors and atrocities of war knew it; and as our forefathers outlined and defined in our great Constitution is rapidly disappearing? Does all this mean nothing to you???

And, YES!!! Concentration camps WERE REAL!!! As were the wars, as was slavery! Right, wrong, or indifferent from which ever side you chose, they were none the less actual events that we should ALL REMEMBER, OR we shall sadly revisit those days in our own time with all new reality personally. History repeats itself! That happens when the people forget their roots, forsake their freedoms, become ʽlazyʼ and hand over all the digging and research and evaluating of those potential Presidential candidates to others that they donʼt know so they couldnʼt possibly know if they were true facts or fabricated fantasy, as well as those with whom they align themselves and what those individuals stand for, their past work history and work ethic.

It terrifies me when a Presidential Candidate turns his back on the American Flag, when he puts his hands behind his back rather than on his heart, when not a tear drops in memory and reflection of all those who have laid down their lives to hold our freedoms secure for us all!!!

My mother and father both survived WWII. Both survived concentration camps.

My mother is a survivor of the Japanese concentration camps in Indonesia. She was 11 and lived the horrors and atrocities, kept awake at night by the screams of those being tortured on the other side of the wall, as she and her younger siblings were starving day after day getting skinnier and skinnier; watching as others around them never woke up again and were taken away as the mother and her remaining hollowed-eyed children howled in a sorrow so deep it left them completely empty, feeling there was nothing left to live for. In an effort to save her siblings and her mother from starvation she stole food from the gardens and trees of the Commanders. When the war was finally over and they were released and prepared to be shipped to Holland, she received word that her father, her hero, the man she idolized and needed so badly, who was taken and put into separate camps from the family never to be seen again, died from starvation just months before the war was over. It changes you. It makes you hard because if it doesnʼt, you die, for it is survival of the fittest! My mother was then 14.

My father survived the Dutch concentration camps, even though he was ½ Dutch. The problem was that he was also ½ German. His Dutch father was a Pharmacist who was recruited by the Naziʼs for his skills. Letʼs look at this, shall we? My father, an innocent child ,9 years of age ,was considered a traitor! I promise you he hated the Naziʼs and anything that prevented the people from having their freedom. When my father became a US citizen it was a day marked as one of the happiest of his life. He spent the rest of his life traveling all over the western United States speaking in Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Jr. High Schools, all sorts of congregations on the freedoms this country stands for. He cherished every moment of his life in freedom. He loved this country only second to God and Jesus Christ. In todayʼs society we have no idea what it is like to have armed military on our streets in combat with oppressors, bullets flying past you as you pick up your child and run for cover, as you look back and see the other child that had been playing in the street shot dead lying in a crippled heap where you stood just a moment before, where in the middle of the night the air raid sirens screaming that tears you and your children from a peaceful sleep like large sharp claws shredding your sanity as you grab your children and race for the bomb shelter, as you hear the planes overhead dropping bomb after bomb after bomb leveling what was your home and leaving you exposed with no place safe to run to; with freezing wet weather leaving you so cold and wet that you lose your toes to frost bite as you desperately carry your sickly child and hold tight to your other child running from Holland, to Germany, to Switzerland, back and forth trying desperately to stay alive, narrowly escaping capture, narrowly escaping death, time and time again, and desperately trying to find what scraps of food you can. That was the life of my father, the sickly child, and his mother and sister.

It terrifies me to see Obama anywhere near the Whitehouse and it horrifies me to have him as the Dictator over what was OUR Country!!! Political correctness has chopped away reality and we have allowed that, and with it we have lost chuck by chunk the very fabric of our country. I stand when I hear our National Anthem. I place my hand over my heart when I hear our National Anthem and see our great flag, and I weep uncontrollably as I try to sing the National Anthem and I recall the stories of my parents and what they survived and how they love this great nation of ours, and as I see the pictures, the video, and the stories of all those who have previously and who today serve and protect, here and abroad, for our freedom and for the freedom of the oppressed who need help in taking their freedom back. These committed men and woman, regardless of their particular role believe in what they are doing. They are committed and they have given up months and years with their families and life as they knew it to serve their fellow man.

No, Obama represents none of these things. No candidate is perfect, and as in all politics, there is a certain amount of ʽselective memoryʼ and falsehoods. With these things in mind along with the many issues, values, and morals, my vote is squarely with McCain/Palin.

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