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Out of the Mouths of Babes

A response on one of my posts about Barack Obama gave me such a flash of hope for this nation. Here's the comment:
Funny you should mention Hitler. My daughter once surprised me by saying that Obama was like Hitler.

When I asked her to clarify she said "He believes in really scary things, but nobody's paying attention to that because he's so charismatic. He'll sneak it in the back door and everyone will say "How did that happen?" when it happened because they were too busy being enchanted by him to look at what he REALLY believes in."

Wow. That's one smart girl. =) -- Proud Mama, Keeley.
Keeley, your daughter, I hope, is not alone in her thinking. She gives me hope for the future.

New: I just realized this is my 1 Year Anniversary of entering Blogland! How very cool is that? I have Tristi Pinkston to thank for getting me on board with the new way of journaling, expressing thought and opinion, and just basically having a blast! Happy Anniversary to Me!
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