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Thoughts on Barack Obama

Barack Obama changed the Presidential Seal. Seems he didn't like E Pluribus Unum -- Out of Many, One. He decided to unilaterally change it to Vero Possumus -- Yes, we can.

Is there anything about America that Obama likes?
  • He doesn't like our health care system, one of the best in the world.
  • He doesn't think the United States is, or should be, based on a Judeo-Christian value system.
  • He doesn't think we should drive SUV's and keep our homes 72 degrees and he thinks he should get to enforce that.
  • He doesn't think the oil industry should be private and has every intention of trying to snatch them if he is ever elected president.
  • He doesn't think high gas prices are a problem, just that they went high too fast.
  • He doesn't think America has enemies as he's willing to climb in bed with every one of them.
  • He doesn't think the Constitution of the United States is a divinely inspired document which holds the truest form of government ever known to earth. He wants to shuck that old document and replace it with the Communist Manifesto. Yeah, that worked so well for the Russians.
Somebody tell me that all I hold dear about America isn't about to be flushed down the toilet. Please, I beg of you. Why, why is Barack Obama getting so many people to support him when he clearly has no desire to be president of America, he wants to be president of the new America he hopes to create . . . one completely opposite of what the Founding Fathers fought so hard to create that we might enjoy the freedoms we do enjoy. And yet, we are happily voting someone in who will reverse those freedoms without a second thought.

We survived the Clintons, can we survive another administration who will betray America? I don't know, my friends. I simply don't know.

Will the American people take the responsibility of their freedom on their own shoulders or will they do as Germany did and elect a leader, such as Hitler was elected, to destroy us completely?
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