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Just what is Federalism?

Enough questions have come my way that I decided to write about the meaning of federalism. When the Founding Fathers did their research and used their own skills and experience to write the Constitution of the United States of America they did so after a great deal of debate.

Federalism was the way to go . . . Democracy managed by a Republic form of government was the most secure, for both the nation and her citizens with a small federal government and the bulk of the responsibility falling to each state.

Federalism is the appropriate distribution of power between federal and state government, concentrating on a smaller federal government and larger state governments. For instance, the EPA would cease to exist, as would dozens of other agencies, under a true federalist government. Oh wow, then we could drill for oil in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming and free ourselves of dependence on foreign oil. Wow, guess the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing after all, natch. Anyway, the people of the states would elect, within their own states, the representatives they feel would best represent the needs of their state and themselves. This is what we're in the process of doing right now with political conventions, primaries and elections.

Conservation, energy independence and civil rights all legislated under the the Constitution of the United States, which is the overriding authority, would be put into law accordingly.

In other words, it would be return a government of the people, by the people and for the people as is stated in the Declaration of Independence, under the protective umbrella of the republic.

If you look at the candidates we have today, pull away from the ones promoting big federal government and support the ones who are honestly promoting the formula of the Founding Fathers. Small federal government, big state government and HUGE personal responsibility.
Refer back to Sean Hannity's Top 10 Items for Victory and learn the great value of freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. It is candidates who espouse these things that we must support.

Several nights ago I was given the "opportunity" to go listen to a man who has his own radio show, and no, you do not know him, teach about: The value of capitalism, the value of America as the founding fathers structured her, the value of the Constitution, the value of personal responsibility and pursuit of dreams, knowledge is power . . . all things I wholeheartedly believe in and yet he taught these principles through an arrogant, obnoxious, aggressive manner. At one point when I challenged him on the fact that he said gas prices were not too high, resulting in a spirited conversation which ended up with him calling my gentle, strong, loving, hard-working husband, the man I would give my life for, a spoiled brat. Alvin wasn't even there. I literally felt heat overwhelm me, head to toe, as I contemplated a number of ways of standing up in front of that room of people and giving the guy a sock in the jaw. He's never met Alvin, the best man I have ever known, and yet he felt qualified to call him such a thing because we think gas prices are too high. Yeah, this guy owns an oil company. He verbally attacked me, a person who believes in all that he believes in for America, and yet never, on God's green earth, will I ever have anything to do with Rick Koerber or his group. A man who feels the need to teach in such a manner is not someone I want to have anything to do with.

How does this tie into federalism . . . he believes as I do, small federal government and huge personal responsibility for this freedom we enjoy, one that is being eroded on a daily basis because a large portion of the American population cannot even see them being eroded. My concern is this, if people who believe as I do are labeled crackpots (no, I'm not going to mention which groups) or are arrogant, obnoxious s.o.b.'s then how are we ever to turn this nation around.

And we must turn her around. The founding fathers knew what they were doing. America is the best country in the world and the freedoms assured us by the founding fathers as well as the liberties granted unto us by a loving God are ones that need to be taken back. The government of the United States of America has become so entitled it has ceased to function as it was created to do. We're being regulated into communism, sadly. Barack Obama has jumped on that train and is shoveling coal in as fast as he can . . . he wishes America to cease, completely. What wishes to create in her stead is terrifying to me.

So what are the answers? What are we, as Americans, supposed to do? Well, all I can do is repeat what I've written before:
  • Learn the Constitution of the United States of America
  • Understand the role of government as it was laid out by the founding fathers
  • Become involved in the politics of the nation, meaning, attend your local party caucuses and cast educated votes in the elections
  • Talk to your elected officials. How are they ever supposed to know you're unhappy if you don't contact them? How are they supposed to know what they are doing is right if you don't contact them?
  • Make noise. We cannot effect change in this nation until we become educated (as to the above mentioned) and challenge those in Washington, D.C. to either defend the Constitution of the United States and stop regulating us to death or go home. We don't need their kind in Washington, D.C. anymore.
  • Abandon the North American Union idea. Contact all those in Washington, D.C. and suggest this alternative: Keep the United States of America and add states such as Quebec, Toronto, British Columbia, Alberta, and whatever Mexican provinces are states there are. Bring them all under the umbrella of the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States, under our rule of law. That I can live with. All of North America as the USA . . . but abandon America and her Constitution . . . that's a big fat "hell no!"
  • Cease dependence on Foreign Oil and bring that $460 plus billion dollars back into the American economy.
  • Learn the rule of law, understand what is allowed and what is not.
These are just a few things to get us all started. We can make difference, we just need to learn and then make ourselves be heard. Call your Congressman and your Senator . . . it's time they know just what you're thinking. We need the return of Federalism, no other path is acceptable.
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