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Hannity's Top 10 Items for Victory

I love the way Sean Hannity thinks. He has written, and posted on his website, 10 things he believes that politicians should hold dear to their hearts, and should be the standard of the Republican Party. While I am beginning to believe the Republican Party cannot be saved, I love the 10 things Sean came up with as standards for a political candidate. Here they are:
Hannity's Top 10 Items for Victory
1) To be the Candidate of National security:
  • Victory in Iraq
  • Fully support NSA, Patriot act, tough interrogations, keeping Gitmo open
  • Candidate that pledges to NOT demean our military while they are fighting for their Country. eg Harry Reid: "the surge has failed", "the war is lost"
  • Candidate that promises to ensure that our veterans can live out their lives in dignity.
2) The Candidate who pledges to oppose Appeasement:
  • The Candidate will oppose any and all efforts to negotiate with dictators of the world in places like Iran, Syria, N.Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela without "pre-conditions"
3) The Candidate Pledges to support Tax CUTS, and fiscal responsibility:
  • The American people are NOT under taxed, Government Spends too much
  • The Candidate who Pledges to ELIMINATE and VOTE AGAINST ALL Earmarks
  • The Candidate pledges to BALANCE the budget
4) The Candidate Pledges to be a supporter of "Energy Independence"
  • supports Immediate drilling in Anwar and the 48 states
  • Building new refineries
  • Begin building and using Nuclear Facilities
  • expand coal mining
  • realistic steward of the environment
While simultaneously working with private industry to develop the new energy technologies for the future, with the goal being that America becomes completely energy independent within the next 15 years.

5) The Candidate pledges to secure our borders completely within 12 months:
  • build all necessary fences
  • use all available technology to help and support agents at the border
  • train and hire agents as needed
6) Healthcare:

The Candidate will look for Free-Market solutions to the problems facing the Healthcare industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "nationalize healthcare".
  • The Candidate will fight for Individual health savings accounts, that includes "catastrophic insurance" for every American, so people can control their own healthcare choices.
7) Education:
  • The Candidate pledges to "save" American children from the failing educational system
  • The Candidate will fight to break the unholy alliance of the Democratic party and teachers unions, which at best has institutionalized mediocrity, and has failed children across the country
  • fight for "CHOICE" in education and let parents decide
  • fight for vouchers for parents
8) Social Security and Medicare:
  • The Candidate will "save" social security and medicare from bankruptcy.
  • Options will include "private retirement" funds so people can "control" their own destiny.
9) Judges
  • The Candidate vows to support ONLY judges who recognize that their job is to interpret the Constitution, and NOT legislate from the bench.
10) American Dream:

The Candidate accepts as their duty and responsibility to educate, inform, and remind people that with the blessings of Freedom comes a Great responsibility. That Government's primary goal is to preserve, protect and defend our God given gift of freedom.

That Government's do not have the ability to solve all of our problems, and to take away all of our fears and concerns. We need their pledge that we will be the candidate that promotes Individual liberty, Capitalism, a strong national defense and will support policies that encourage such...

It is our fundamental belief that limited Government, and Greater individual responsibility will insure the continued prosperity and success for future generations.

We the people who believe in the words of Ronald Reagan, that we are "the best last hope for man on this earth," "a shining city on a hill," and that our best days are before us if our Government will simply trust the American people.
I agree with Sean Hannity, 100%. These are the things I want in my political candidates. These are the values, standards and stances on the issues I want my candidate to not only agree to, I want this to be the standard by which he or she conducts themselves.

Excellent job, Sean. Thank you for articulating what every Conservative in the nation believes. I'm sending this entire thing to my Congressman, I urge each of you to do the same.
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