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Best Husband in the World Contest Closed!

And we have a winner! Skyler Brimhall is 2007's Best Husband in the World with 53% of the vote and 112 votes!

Congratulations Skyler!

I don't know how Kimberly found my blog, but I'm glad she did. Her nomination of her husband began like this:

It's difficult at times to take a step back and realize how good my life is at times. Whether I feel sorry for myself or I have someone negative trying to drag me into their misery, I don't always see things for what they are. I am so blessed and its time that I started showing it. This all comes to light because I have a friend who thinks all husbands are the same. I told her she was mistaken.

She said, "You act like you have a perfect husband."

I said "Oh no sweetie, you have it wrong. I have a husband who is trying to be perfect."

I sometimes forget that we can't be perfect. I sometimes forget that husbands can have their unflattering moments just like us. Unless you are perfect and you should exit now because you know all of this.

We are all just trying to be the best mothers / fathers / husbands / wives / friends, we possibly can . . . and sometimes we are just okay but sometimes we are magnificent.

She said "Why is he so great?"

I said "Well let me tell you." Read More

The Grand Prize is being made, it's very cool and I'm so excited. It will be posted and shipped on Wednesday, December 19th!

I felt it such an incredible privilege to host this contest in celebration of excellent husbands everywhere. I was especially pleased with what women considered qualified their husbands, always and without failure, stellar character. And each of the men nominated for this contest, and there were many, were fantastic. It warmed my heart through and through as wives poured out their love for their husbands in the recognition of the many wonderful things they do for them.

I think it behooves us all to look around us and recognize the strength and goodness of the men around us, replacing bad memories and experiences with the tenderness and sweetness of those who deserve recognition.
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