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The Mighty Quill Award

I ran across a blog called Into the Inkpot. I found her on Cre8buzz. I absolutely love her wry sense of humor and her quirky look at life. Her posts are a lot of fun to read. But one of the very cool things she has done, is create The Mighty Quill Award. I wanted to share it so everyone can drop by her blog and check it out!

The pen is mightier than the sword.”
Richelieu - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The Mighty Quill award is my original creation. Starting today, all blogs on the internet are eligible for this award*. Its purpose is to recognize those bloggers that wield their quill for a cause. Like using a sword in battle, the recipients of this award know that a bit of ink and a plucked feather are the only things a warrior needs during combat.

Any niche is eligible for this award*. Using the Mighty Quill may mean that you tell the story of your life. For example, you may seek out others that can benefit from your memories. The Mighty Quill might also be used if you’re the owner of a money making blog. You know that your words can help others earn a livelihood. You fight for your fellow bloggers.

Any battle is a good battle. Simply fighting the urge to sit still is worth picking up the Mighty Quill. In this case, writing may give you a sense of pleasure. Isn’t enjoyment worth fighting for?

Winners of this award blog with passion and purpose.

I will hand select two bloggers each month for the Mighty Quill. Those two bloggers will be featured in an Into the Inkpot post (lots of link love), their blog will forever be added to a winner’s archive, and a customized award will be offered. Therefore, the winning bloggers can display the award on their own blog.

I am now accepting November nominations for the Mighty Quill. You may nominate yourself or another blogger. I will review all blogs and then select two winners for the month.

Click here to read the review criteria that I will use to determine the winners.

Click here to read the nomination guidelines.

I will review up to 25 nominations per month. All nominations after the twenty-fifth will not be considered for the award.

To nominate a blogger for November, please leave a comment in response to this blog post. You may nominate 2 bloggers. Include the following:

Blogger’s Name:
Blog URL:
This Blogger Fights For:

(Remember, the fight can be something creative and/or fun.)

Good luck to everyone! I can’t wait to give this award to some awesome bloggers!

Click Here to See the Current November Nominees

*Blogs with extreme pornographic material will not be considered. People under the age of 18 read my blog. I can’t link to graphic, sexual material.

So there you have it, everyone. Take a good hard look at all the blogs you read, then pop on over and nominate the best one for November!

Now on to our Blogger Babe dinner last night. We've decided to not have it at Chuck-a-Rama again. Food was great --- WAY, WAY, WAY too loud! But Donna (Donna's Journey) and her husband, Julia (Where oh where has my mind gone), Jeri (Fickle Pickle) and her husband, Jennifer (Lifelong Bookworm), Karlene (Inksplasher) and Sandra (The Dance) all joined me last night for our second Blogger Babe get together. We really missed the rest of you! Really.

We had fun. Julia won the door prize, which was a gift packet of two lip glosses and two lotions from Tristi Pinkston at Scentiments. Karlene from Inksplasher gave everyone a sample perfume from her Edward and Bella line . . . yes, vampires have even invaded the perfume world.

Ali - we missed you. Are you okay? I'm a little worried you didn't make it. I hope it was for something mundane and nothing terribly serious. Drop me a line and let me know you're okay!

We all forgot our cameras again, so again we have no pictures. Sorry Kat, we all swore we're bringing cameras next time.

Ladies, I owe you all an apology. Because of Alvin's surgery this last month, I didn't do the usual promotion on this dinner and many of you forgot until it was too late. I promise to be more proactive! We are not getting together in December, so on the second Thursday of January (January 10th) we'll be getting together for lunch at Golden Corral again. 1:00 p.m. --- plan to have a blast. All the pertinent info will be in the usual place, in the right-hand column.

I'm going to go all out for our first get together for 2008! Donna and Julia will be donating the Grand Door Prize this month, plus be our spotlighted bloggers. Also, Karlene will take a moment to share a little bit about her, because it was WAY TOO LOUD last night. I'll come up with something fun, I don't know what. But something and we're going to have a blast!

Please mark your calendars for January 10th! Utah's Blogger Babes are gettin' together again. Oh yeah, and bring all your cameras or Kat at JustaBeachKat will be sorely disappointed!

Karlene is hosting a Blogger Babe perfume party at her house on November 24th (10:00 a.m.) . . . several of us are planning on being there and creating our own scents to come home and wow our husbands. Any other Blogger Babes who want to join us, please drop me a line and I'll send you the details! Again -- good fun for all of us!
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