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Holy Cow!

I'm not sure I've ever gone this long without posting something on my blog. I'll try to not let that happen again.

As I mentioned earlier, Alvin is home and getting better and stronger every day. I brought him home from the hospital on Monday and my sweet, stubborn husband was back at work by 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday. He's been sleeping a lot when he's not been at work. Can't imagine why.

I've been playing catch-up on a lot of things. Sheesh, what the heck happened in Pakistan? And now Bhutto is on house arrest. Sounds like Pakistan is about to explode, and it was in such a stable part of the world too . . . yeah, I am now the Queen of Sarcasm.

Fall is here in all her glory! Absolutely loving every crisp, sunny, cool, beautiful day of it!

BYU beat Colorado State last week and TCU last night. Always, always, always a good thing. My nephews are rockin' football fields across the Mountain West. Couldn't be prouder!

My house is a mess . . . my house used to be so clean all the time too. Flower beds pretty and neat. Vegetable garden weeded and bountiful (stupid Japanese beetle!) But now I'm just hangin' on by my fingernails. I will get control. I will get control. I will get control . . .

Blogger Babes are meeting for dinner tonight! I'm looking forward to that. Karlene over at Inksplasher has a wonderful little gift for everyone! I'm really looking forward to that! So ladies, R.S.V.P. this morning, if you haven't yet. And yes, I do have a number of women who have already R.S.V.P.'d and are planning to join us for the fun and festivities tonight.

Fragrance for the month of November: Whisper

Uhm, that might be all that my post of random thoughts has today . . . uh yeah, the living room is screaming for my attention as are the loads of laundry. Big, huge, honkin' sigh.

Here' s what's gone on at LDSBlogs since I last posted here!

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Have an absolutely splendiferous day!
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