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Deflect Attacks and Stay on Message

In the Washington Times on November 13th:
"Robert Redford says of Romney's Mormonism: "[Mormons] are very adept at not being fazed and speaking fluently and gracefully. Why? Because every single male who's a Mormon goes on a mission for two years when they're 19 or 20. They learn how to deflect blows and stay on message. No wonder Utah is the place that all these Republican senators go. It's perfect. So when you see Mitt Romney, he's already been practicing how to deflect blows and stay on message. But it's plastic."
I don't even know where to start, what a moronic statement. People may respect him as an actor, filmmaker and even a businessman, but I have to say this state shows there's still nothing but sawdust in Robert Redford's brain.

Yeah, that's why Mormon missionaries leave their families, their girls, their jobs and college, to learn to deflect attacks and stay on message. It has nothing to do with a burning desire in their hearts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. It has nothing to do with the testifying of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation our Father in Heaven has for us. The homesickness, the discouragement of doors slammed in their faces, the constant companionship of another elder or sister (depending on if they men or women) -- all of these things are endured so they can "learn how to deflect attacks and stay on message."

The message of missionaries comes from their hearts, and is testified of by the Holy Ghost. Redford ought to be ashamed, for in such an ignorant statement, he has slandered over 60,000 devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who only want to share His message.

Now on to Mitt Romney. He's being asked by numerous people, from all walks of life, to give a speech strictly on his religion. His political advisers don't want him to do it, he thinks he will at some point. He wants to.

Here's my question. Has Rudy Giuliani been asked to give a speech on why he's a lapsed Catholic? Has Barak Obama been asked to give a speech on whatever religion he is and his ties to his Muslim father? Has Hillary Clinton been asked to give a speech on whatever god she worships? Must have escaped my notice.

I think it would be a great idea for Mitt to do this, I'd love to be there in person to hear it myself. Those who know him have spoken of his deep religious beliefs and how much they respect him. Yeah, I'd like to hear that myself. Not because he's running for president, but because I'd like to hear his testimony.

As to Mitt's qualification to be President of the United States of America and leader of the free world? Hmmmm, he's the businessman who saw the vision and pulled the venture capital together to fund companies such as Staples, Dominos and other major corporations. He's a very successful businessman. He's the former Governor of Massachusetts who straightened that state out without raising taxes, and he did it with a predominantly blue state (Democrat.) He's the guy that makes a goal and reaches it. He's the guy that walked into a corrupt and scandal ridden Olympics in Salt Lake City, cleaned it up (Boy, did he clean it up!) and made them successful and profitable. He's honest. He has integrity.

Yeah, why would we want an honest, strong, successful, grounded man like that for president. What were we thinking? Better yet . . . give me a break!

Redford, you don't know what you're talking about, stick to making your movies. It's what you're good at, leave the real politics to those of us who know what's going on.
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